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jueves, 14 de enero de 2010



The offenses to which many consider the elder brother of Santiago residents are immeasurably. Do not have time to and deny the very essence of poetry Vallejians, so I want that in the minds of those who believe Vallejians reflect and have a paradigm which always reflects Cesar along all his life and please stop all offenses that occur on their behalf. During this time spent in Santiago de Chuco, I saw with amazement and shame as the first higher education institutions in Santiago de Chuco, bearing the name of Cesar Vallejo's main enemies, such as Victor Raul Haya de la Torre and Victor Andres Belaunde. There are too many anecdotes of these contrasts between Cesar Vallejo and these characters, but James was given the idea of this offense to our older brother. Then follow the creation of institutes Vallejians in Trujillo and other cities, where all they do as I read on your pages is: give poetry readings, poetry readings, literary gatherings, literary panels, and follows a long list also literary, said that as a professor of contemporary history at the university of my training, pardon the expression, are only intellectual masturbation. They talk about the f in the poetry and the mass was twisted or bent and which expresses the breath sound of earth quake. I see also with shock and shame over the large retinues of international meetings capuli, Vallejo and their land. They come and tributes to famous strangers in social struggles are not honored for fighting they never did and never will, because they are intellectuals masturbatory phrases: Capulí features, Vallejo and their land, are unique in the world, and whose message is the admiration and gratitude to the countrymen of the great men such as Cesar Vallejo, give to those who have devoted their lives to altruism and achieve feats on the field the spirit. Nothing magnifies both the children and youth in general and affirmative attitude from every point of view. Let us support Capulí, Vallejo and its accompanying land in the pilgrimage each year, which has the virtue of visiting the Andes of our beloved country in the month of flowers, so peculiar in the Andes. That paradox to make it more harmless Cesar Vallejo, Vallejo been dismembered and only want to expose what they do not adversely affect the social class or accessories which are messengers of the lift of the odious system that corrodes our society. Vallejo was an active militant Delas Communist ranks and as such his poetry without falling in the pamphlet, explained what is to be a poet. Being a prophet, but not as many that exist in the pulpits who only speak, but that does not screen or put your hand to cut the slights and indignities against humanity. That's why they do not like when the old folks like me, when they go to his pilgrimage to Santiago de Chuco worry about the "G" or the "F" sound in the third quartet Dead Idyll hendecasyllable the poem. But they cover their noses when they smell human misery that spread through the streets of Santiago. Vallejo fear the integrator as it would make them active militants, so do reports of a Vallejo bits maimed for them not to interfere in your clumsy purposes, which is why I'm ashamed to like watching your house falls to pieces but even more in school is named after a criminal charge director appointed to cover all the atrocities being committed there against disgruntled teachers. But it hurts me to plunder its coffers municipal mayors sinking into abject poverty in my village, but the old people of their land Capulí and feel very honored by rogue authorities. I will follow the path of Vallejo.

Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos


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