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sábado, 9 de enero de 2010


Everyone is tearing their hair out by the attack on cultural heritage of the action made by a young misogynist and misfits to the archaeological remains of the Chimu Mochica culture. But that's really just an isolated incident resulting from the failure of education in Peru. As we said before if it is designed primarily an educational system that is devoid of the multicultural and multinational exists in this territory. When the lords and ladies of the university and the Catholic believe that they and their fellows are doing that make a country invisible to the rest. When developing an educational project without taking into account the thousands of teachers who are native but for the action of a colonial education and alienating, do not know which country you are or what culture they belong. But the irony is that we only see the mote in the eyes of others, not to justify the maladjusted students, if I do not mean ancient trees that are in the eyes of many people, including Mr Alan García of the protecting his son that was denounced by misappropriating land in the rural communities of Paijan, and especially the protection they receive the same judicial system. Or we can say about the most recent events in the teaching that APRA review with academic boundaries have been miraculously fortunate blunders in examining teaching as is the case of a former student from a school in Santiago de Chuco in teacher training with poor performance scores for upper third and favored by the judges transgressors of Santiago de Chuco protects and gave him a precautelar action to be hired in 2008 and 2009 he was given special status in teacher assessment, as in the institutional phase APRA a director favored him. That's just we have a congressman who had a ghost employee and the wages not only was she if not their figurehead, who is also a figurehead presidents of the supreme court. If we continue with the mayors and that of Santiago de Chuco buying properties left and right, yet the comptroller's office did not find any irregularity in its management and is very plausible that makes the eyes of all people, that's little with what happened with the same Minister of Education who is a suspect his academic record, yet no one dares to try him and question his illicit procurement, as the have won and have appropriated the Universidad San Martin that was owned by the order dominica. The most distasteful example is a larger need for ethics is to be appointed as finance minister a person who was the cause of death of many brothers about defending their land and life and defending the indefensible because they were protecting interests that are not ours if foreign interests, these were the policemen, but apart from that, it is unethical to continue to maintain a minister who thinks the original nations unless their masters of the multinationals. Or argue that the only thing that has brought to increase the population who are in extreme poverty. They who are in the areas of power, as they bask in the perks that gives the power not the people see it as consumed in hunger and misery and try to make us see that we are in the best of all worlds with the more widespread corruption that exists. As are the cases we have noted, but only become blind eye as if it were a peccadillo Susana Frisancho as it says, but she also realizes that the education it offers is for your social group and economic, and are difficult and far as possible to serve for the remainder of nationalities, as she is Peruvian, but in that territory occupied by their fellow citizens there are more nationalities, who do not share their culture and their social and cultural values. An educational system that we have divorced with the true reality of the multinational. Multiculturalism. That is still behaving like torturing genocidal different nations that exist in this geographical space. As long as that ability of torturing the originating with the imposition of a castrating and alienating, in order to seize their destiny and their territory. That is the purpose for it with St. Benedict gives the investment resources that are not their own. Juan Esteban Villalobos Yupanqui http://juanestebanyupanqui.blogspot.com

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