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jueves, 7 de enero de 2010

Impunity of the rulers in Latin America and USA

Impunity of the rulers in Latin America and USA

About Case confirmatory Kenya Fujimori.

Rarely American and justice can never be said in the case of the United States has condemned a ruling by the numerous cases of violation of human rights. Fujimori is the first apparent justice convicted in a case of violation of human rights in the case cantuta Uptown and the kidnapping of businessmen and journalists. But in Peru there are many rulers who have gone unpunished as in the case of Morales Bermudez, who was and is an international agent of the CIA role as de facto president during the five years from 75 to 80, in order that the Peruvian Oligarchy recover their properties that were returned, confiscated saying is an understatement because the oligarchy became master of riches at the expense of the poverty of indigenous peoples who were their true owners and that through colonialism was actually confiscated the original peoples, apart from social and cultural genocide which they were subjected in order to protect his thefts. But what is Plan Condor? Operation Condor was a gruesome international scheme applied terrorism in South America during the years 1970's-80's, and designed by the Richard Nixon administration with the help of his advisers Henry Kissinger and Vernon Walters to stop the rise of social movements then . Possibly directed from the School of the Americas, then located in Panama, this plan was implemented by rightist military dictatorships in Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Chile, Brazil, Bolivia and Peru. The Condor caused the murder, disappearance, torture and imprisonment of hundreds of thousands of citizens of those countries, whose only crime was belonging to leftist political groups and organize opposition against those military dictatorships. Peru at the time was horrified as students and Argentine citizens were kidnapped by the national intelligence services which were involving their boss, Colonel Felipe Martinez Garay, whose involvement is confirmed by the accounts of former players who gave this version to the journalist James Uceda in his book "Death in the little Pentagon", which explains his many evidences of the involvement of Peru, of course with the consent of the de facto President of the time of his Remigio Morales Bermudez Pedro Richter Prada Premier and other senior officials. Needless to say, the genocidal Alan Garcia, who has a string of crimes but by impunity and their cronies in the judiciary remains unpunished crimes committed as if acomarca. What happened on the fifteenth day of the new government installed, 14 August 1985, in response to a series of ambushes walkers, is implemented "Operation Huancayoc. Thus, an Army contingent commanded by sub? Lieutenant Telmo Hurtado, attacked the village of Accomarca in the department of Ayacucho. 69 peasants killed in the attack, including some women and children. Earlier, on August 7, five men and two women who had been detained in a military operation were carried Pucayacu area in an army truck by a contingent led by Lieutenant De la Cruz Salcedo. The detainees were killed by shots to the head. Later it was ascertained that speak acted on orders from Lt. Col. David Lama Romero, a political leader? Huanta military. The reaction to the events presidential front Pucayacu and Accomarca was swift and strong. On 15 September, the President was asked to resign the Chief of the Joint Command of the Armed Forces, Caesar Enrico Praelli after he publicly denied and attributed these events to the opportunism of politicians. The president also ordered the Joint Chiefs appear before the Human Rights Commission of the Senate. On 17 September, the generals presented Sinesio Jarama Davila, commander of the Security Zone and Wilfredo Mori Center Orlo political boss? Military emergency zone of Ayacucho. Their testimonies were assessed as inadequate and offered no response on the findings. That night, the government announced a general change to another job Jarama and Mori retirements. In late September, the Human Rights Commission of the Senate, chaired by Javier Valle Riestra, traveled to the slaughter area and interviewed the sub? Lieutenant Hurtado, who was defiant in their responses, even to justify the crime "in defense of politicians and democracy. " After a rather sustained and rapid evacuated Commission report. In the majority, defended the view that crimes should be brought to ordinary courts and not the military tribunals, but ignoring the recommendations of the Commission, the Senate voted by majority to end investigations and pass cases to military courts for trial. As a result Valle Riestra senator resigned as chairman of the Commission. Those responsible for the facts then end up basically unpunished. It follows the case of Fronton happened on 17 June 1986, Alan García at the height of his popularity he received delegations from around the world who came to participate, for the first time in Lima, in a Congress of the Socialist International. Taking this circumstance, Shining Path prisoners Lurigancho, El Fronton and Santa Barbara took hostages, seized their flag and announced their decision not to surrender, to get the full satisfaction of their demands. At four hours after taking the first hostage, President Garcia called a meeting of the Council of Ministers in the Government Palace, attended by the heads of the military. There he took the decision to hand control to the Joint Command of the criminal in an attempt to establish calm as quickly as possible. In the women's prison Republican Guard regained control of the criminal relatively quickly. They demolished a wall and fired tear gas and stun. In two hours the hostages were freed inside leaving two dead. Meanwhile, in El Fronton, Deputy Interior Minister Agustin Mantilla announced that the island was under the control of the joint chiefs, saying it had been declared a closed military zone. The prison director, the judge and prosecutor finally left her sitting protest at the presence of the sailors, who refused permission to operate inside the prison, stating that they were responsible for the results of this intervention. Then Navy Blue Pavilion militarily attacked using weapons of war and then with the help of a helicopter tore down the walls. Killed 3 members of the armed forces, one hostage and 135 prisoners. A squadron arrived Llapan Lurigancho Atic Republican Guard who placed explosives around the outer wall of the Industrial Pavilion where walkers had the hostage. At three in the morning. after the attack with guns and grenades, surrendered hikers. Hours later the 124 walkers who occupied the building were killed, had been killed, one by one, shot in the neck. The national and international scandal, this crime against multiple was enormous. The late President Garcia visited the scene of the event and using his usual eloquence, said that faced with these only fit two possibilities: "or will they (the perpetrators) or I go." In the days or months nothing significant was done to determine what happened and punish those responsible. Only a year later did she began to act out a Congressional Investigating Committee which was charged and presidential opponent Sen. Rolando Ames. The Commission conducted a comprehensive, rigorous and severe process of investigating what happened, allowing a reconstruction of events really detailed and scrupulous. Ames Report, which was to end in tight maneuvers minority by APRA found that there were shortcoming in the performance of the government and mismanagement on penalties allowed by the then Minister of Justice, Luis Gonzales Posada. It was shown that the information provided to the country was distorted and addressed to magnify the facts. It was also proved that the government authorities? Mainly through the actions of the deputy minister and the military Mantilla, prevented and unlawfully confined the action of judicial authorities and prosecutors. He found also that the government gave orders which resulted in an unjustifiable deaths. So when the President asked crush the riots in the shortest time and mandatory, to be no compelling reason to act with undue haste. It was established, moreover, that the military force used in the attack on the mutineers was disproportionate and unnecessary in relation to the existing danger. Only in the case of El Fronton interns were three weapons fire in the other two prisons lacked them. Instead of reducing the forces responsible for the inmates used rifles, machine guns, rocket launchers, bazookas, guns of 81 mm, plastic explosives and dynamite. The report confirmed that subduing the forces responsible for extrajudicial executions. In Lurigancho were shot with a bullet to the neck of a number greater than 90 inmates and rendered. In Fronton, the Navy flew the Blue Pavilion knowing that inside were still alive internally. Another serious aspect of which enshrines the Ames report, is that they tried to cover up the crimes committed by security forces during the crushing action of the riots. Even President García met casualties immediately, but instead of ordering at the time the investigation of such facts, congratulated the Joint Command of the Armed Forces, also banned the entry of judges and civil rights, declaring 'restricted military zones 'to penalties. The complaint about what happened after the events made by the Chairman referred exclusively to the case of Lurigancho, although the facts were known occurred in other prisons. The report attributed Ames responsibilities the President and Cabinet, officers in charge of crushing operations, military and police personnel who participated in them, the Attorney General, Cesar Elejalde, the authorities of the National Penitentiary Institute ( INPE) and the deputy interior minister. The report proposed to Congress a constitutional pre-trial applies to ministers and Alan García, at the end of his term. Yet impunity prevailed. The Supreme Court argued that because it was events that occurred within a restricted military zone had to defer to see the cause and decided his transfer to military jurisdiction. The case of El Fronton was dismissed by one of these courts, finding no liability whatsoever in what happened. For Lurigancho responsibility was only found in two junior officers of the Republican Guard, acquitting the defendants. Not only that, but the Senate would amount after General Jose Portilla Rabanal, military chief in charge of Lurigancho crush the mutiny, the highest rank in the military ladder. The circle of impunity is closed in November 1990 and during the Fujimori regime, when the House of Representatives with a precarious majority formed by APRA and Change 90 movement won 80 votes against and 75 in favor of the impeachment proceedings against Alan Garcia. In the discussion it became apparent that there was a political agreement to exculpate the ex-president. According to press sources from the time a delegation led by APRA's general secretary, Luis Alva Castro, was up 3 chances at the Government Palace and after midnight to meet Fujimori. So without more words condemning Fujimori is only one step to the impunity of all genocide does not go unpunished, is Alan García and his ministers. Juan Esteban Villalobos Yupanqui http://juanestebanyupanqui.blogspot.com

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