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miércoles, 26 de agosto de 2009


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PERSECUTION OF INDIGENOUS TEACHER TRAINING PROGRAM FORMABIAP BILINGUAL TEACHER OF THE PERUVIAN AMAZON FORMABIAP APRISTA STATEMENT AGAINST PERSECUTION CONTINUES INDIGENOUS MOVEMENT AND TEACHERS EIB FORMABIAP rejects and condemns the persecution of our fellow RAMIREZ MARITZA SIZE, a fact that is part of the systematic repression unleashed APRA government against the indigenous movement, its leaders and teachers. Tamani Professor Maritza Ramirez, has been notified by the 5th. Maynas Provincial Prosecutor to appear on 26 this month, accused of "crimes against property, extortion and the support of the blockade of the river (sic) and Curaray Napo, which shows the prosecution policy of criminalization of popular protest and the repressive nature of government against any expression other than the political and economic model that promotes. Maritza Ramirez Tamani, full professor Kukama affirmed in their identity, has developed an active role as member of the American Indian Anti Loreto in recent months. Maritza Ramirez's actions, as well as brothers and sisters thousands of Indians and mestizos in the country, were made in defense of territory and rights of indigenous peoples harmed by the current government, a fact recognized by various institutions and national and international. The role as leader of our colleague, is far from the accusation that the government presented, referring to it as a common criminal for the "crime against property and extortion", an allegation that we reject categorically and we demand immediate rectification. On the other hand, the charge of supporting the "blockade of the river (sic) and Napo Curaray" is totally false. Professor Maritza at no time has gone by that area during the time of the Indian uprising. The unsustainable those complaints can only be explained within the framework of a policy of persecution and harassment to all voices who disagree with the government. The charges against the teacher Maritza Ramirez Tamani and the recent persecution Quechua Professor Roberto Martinez-ex-President ANAMEBI also relates to the struggle to develop bilingual teachers and the indigenous movement against the devices taken by this government, which prevent entry training teachers in intercultural bilingual education (IBE) of indigenous youth, risking the EIB as a right of indigenous children to be educated as part of their languages and cultures. With this prosecution, which extends to many national leaders, regional and AIDESEP base, the government also seeks to silence and demobilize the indigenous movement to renege on commitments of the Roundtable and others made in order to resolve the fair claims of indigenous peoples. Also express our solidarity with indigenous leaders and other victims of this persecution perpetrated by the government. Iquitos, August 21, 2009 Interviews Professor Maritza Ramirez Tamani: Mobile: 065-965673946Email: kuarachi@hotmail.com

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