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domingo, 23 de agosto de 2009



Alvarito potato son of the Great Great Novelist international bourgeoisie believes that financial bubbles is a great thing even sincere Oil prices, which are not in the hands of true friends of the Club if the opposite Bildeberg in nationalist hands Fascists either religious or military. Not understanding that oil prices as seen in the whole historical process management is different from the rest of the world economy. Knowing beforehand that this was handled through the confrontation with the policeman who found the Great Northern Empire. But I do not understand that the price of oil was added to the price mechanism as conceived by Adam Smith in his book the Wealth of Nations. If so what reason is that this price is playing according to the convenience of Islamic States that are large producers. So what reason is the war in Iraq and its puppet government in trying to maintain a hegemonic space by the world's policeman. Trying to justify his position by the hair starts the economic theory of Adam Smith, not seeing that the application resulted in the collapse of the entire international financial system against their same precepts have appealed to the state to solve their wrongs, for bullish expectations that oil prices was due to the need to address the arms race and the defense of Zionism is seen as a threat companion and partner of world policeman trying to destabilize the Islamic peninsula to settle their economic problems within their territory. So it is inconceivable that the mighty forces of the market is that prices have intervened. What has intervened is the need to feel secure with the treacherous attack of Zionism who works for the policeman, is a double-barreled shotgun, but as the world policeman preaches peace, is supporting Zionism Agreda all Islamic nations and the other felt the need to protect all Moslem nations to buy their arms deceiving him that way can protect themselves from their enemy intruder. If it had this need, the Islamic nations have made enormous progress made without running after the deceptions of the officer and his partner Zionist. Concentrate on that oil is the deciding international trade has its implications, since we know the fuels of biological origin are entering an era of scarcity and if discovered, would not get to meet international demand, as some countries are being targeted in their replacement. Alternative fuels. As also dangerous entry using certain varieties of species for the production of fuels or also known as biofuels, especially from corn and soybeans, which are foods high global demand for food, it is entering a trend very Most dangerous for humanity, for his position to increase the problems of malnutrition and hunger in over half the world population that is coming to fill the three third parties who are hungry. The funny thing is to name and scummy as democratic Mexico. I did not know that Narcocracias be democratic. As we know the World Narcocracia is in Mexico to their operational and financial bourgeoisie in this country and so is the Gran Colombia in both countries, the structures of drug trafficking to the marrow have corroded the political system, finance in these countries and because Cultural say no, because no intellectual voice has spoken out to protest the state lumpenization and especially politics. Where abounds as he pleased the business ties of predation on the lives of thousands of millions of young people worldwide. And it's ironic that as the talk do not win the rich who want to make up their businesses with the lives of young people mentioned the incompetence wins the state distributes to the needy. Tremendous mistake or delirium tremens of his mind. Are there other civilizations more civilized and uncivilized? Another contradiction because we will have scope to analyze all our perspective and still be limited by our terms of origin, but if we understand from the Western dimension we shall see as backward, but they will see Westerners as antiquated, technology can not determine this variable, the size of the child calling potato Alvarito as uncivilized their ability to live together with nature instead surprising capacity for self-destruction of the West is also amazing, not only Western man wolf man himself, if not just of himself. Tupac Isaac II Juan Esteban Villalobos Yupanqui http://juanestebanyupanqui.blogspot.com

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