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sábado, 1 de agosto de 2009

Gorillas in the fog or buffaloes
Desperate not to be invisible in the 2012 election
The presidential address of July 28 has many edges that no longer have to take into smaller panels to the entire Peruvian population, partly because we already know the direction of the actions taken by the government to maintain the privileges of large transnational capital. Continue in the direction of blood and fire to implement the dictates of neoliberal skeletons, perhaps with the hope to be able to get the most juice from sales to that subject throughout the country. No interest for what is happening to the world economy is discussed in more shaken by this crisis that all countries that joined the scheme, the market economy. That failure in past centuries, and again will fail again in this century, since all it does is to increase the social and economic differences around the world. The first step that has arisen and as always offered to the audience that the town is again a trace more hope that it will be disappointed as always his style. Congress for the renewal of half of half a congressional period. If you sent it because we do not know, but for his party in a shotgun that launched anonymity as a political party. Most of their congressmen are discredited, not only in their areas of origin if it is known throughout the republic, so that the original measure APRA disappear as a force, if not already doing at present and as I mentioned in an article several years ago past. As that promise to consolidate the Constitution spurious Fujimori have not changed for tactical reasons not to agree to Major Transnational Capital, as it would have to review every contract that they are too harmful for the country, it is not agreed by the lobbyists and their financial commitment that you have with them, especially the rulers-they-thinking about their future when they can not be elected to anything in the current political system. Beyond this constitutional amendment needs two regular terms and where a qualified majority vote in favor of reform. Which could not be applied to the elections of 2012, which is discarded at this stage of the government because there has to agree with their affinity for secure impunity for their government just completed its phase. But what it says on the solution of many social problems afflicting the entire territory and begins to take more measures are designed to use force and bullets as a solution to the problem. Avoids ruling on the merits of cases that have generated the various conflicts, there is already a feeling among the people who use force to resolve them from the bullets and the death of key leaders who are involved in these, for it has called a man with experience in such skills as his Minister of Interior to organize a paramilitary to deal with crime in the city of Trujillo. Had good results but at the expense of the lives of people while criminals were highly ranked, it was judged that the punishment falls on the side of justice and not to hand the police who organized death squads. Well in that both have much experience, especially Alan García who is behind in his inauguration to go unnoticed, being under control, which fulfill orders, those who suffer the consequences of their orders, so was what happened on the Island Fronton, Lurigancho and Santa Barbara, where his explicit order was to kill hundreds of political prisoners and common, with the aim not to overshadow the meeting of the Socialist International, which now is certainly upset by belonging, being a fan extreme political and economic neoliberalism. The most despicable is his failure to recognize the barbarity committed with the native peoples who see their contempt for our communities and nationalities, this comes as we are not represented as an agent, the opposite is the transnational or her own ego and pocket, and all their fellow classmates or the call as they do where they are in the regional government. Such is the case that was posted and made a compañerito to win the leadership of a Local Management Unit to a teacher who is illiterate and in educational administration, to commit an unreasonable person unfit administration also knows that those who accompany them have characters and abilities but the regional president in a burst of pride and folly that is intended to continue to keep this gentleman. The same policy applies to your partner in Liberty Mr Garcia applied at national level, so we hold off, it's his way of seeing things, which some believe could make this government in its wisdom or to any past pathology, so we are vulnerable to this threat, as was our beloved figure of Diana Fosey, the scientist who wanted to protect the government of the extinction of these primates and that is precisely the arguments that Mr. Garcia faces were the same as those used to kill this science I wanted to preserve nature.
August 2009.
Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos
Tupac Isaac II

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