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miércoles, 5 de agosto de 2009




Farándula As the saying goes: The journalism may be the vilest of trades or the most remarkable of the defenses of the principles that moves a society. How is the current information society that feeds? Journalism is having to defend the principal evil in all societies, such as disinformation. To which we add the fascistization the conduct of government. And that goes as comparsa of abuse, which will cover up the atrocities committed by all actors. Political press no longer exists on our territory, they are all praise for this dictator, who they call ignores the just demands of the people. But suddenly all that succeed in the press, all of it, should become police press, as if there were no major problems to solve and discuss in our territory. To cover, the first crime of Bagua and exit from its patrons of corruption, as Romulo Leon Alegria. He dedicated himself all the press to cover up the least and procaz event of the death of a singer, as if the only reason to make public the illness of the population. Is to dig through the least that happened in the parallel lives of two lesbian singers, giving the public the need for carefree curiosity that the biggest problem we have is their need to survive. But this is a very important need that is covered by the fourth generation war in which they capture people's minds, to think only what you give them publicity. This contributes to some religious sects that set on a depersonalized individuals, to see that the economic problem is its implementation with its theological perspective of faith. We have found such a degree of depersonalization, that an event occurred precisely at the same events for our brothers in Bagua Grande, was a fanatical sect which burned alive its members, to atone for their sins in his own words. Were arrested for this crime to their spiritual leader, who repeated that they had been touched by God to form the city of Israel, the new heavenly Jerusalem, containing all saved from the evil of the world. Thence to the seriousness of the facts he had to arrest everyone in a town of ethnic living near the city of Nauta in Loreto, as all were related to the criteria of their religious leader, who had a complete disregard for human life. Here we must assert that the first weapon used is the handling of internal conflicts, especially when in crisis in perspective, personal goals that guide their lives, the scheme of values which have developed throughout their lives. What we might call the existential crisis, when questioned by the same individual, and even this may conflict with those of the same environment to which the individual lives, this is in weak position to challenge even the assertions of religious sects anti. Then the psychological conditions, with which they create a different view of things, and these are contrary to the customary, they may not realize they are being manipulated, why the big defense spending that is not against United States the manufacture and use of weapons, if not the infiltration of the countless sects exit from its territory, with the sole purpose of controlling the territories of the world, therefore its continuing attack on the Muslim faith in all the countries that profess, because there is quite difficult to manipulate for their purposes of this rule, since the Muslim faith has something that no other religious faiths, such as its Super exaggerated nationalism and care for some of their habits and customs, where it is difficult because ideological penetration confirms that the acquisition of economic power of transnational corporations, as are attached to this business, has used the faith to enter a country ideologically and conquer it without spilling a single bullet or by a blood. In our drug has the personality of all our compatriots is football and the press shows. For which all companies and transnational companies are dedicated to promote and care, allowing them to be a misogynist people who do not know the present or future interest, so we have a beardless in government that make and break your cravings committing major atrocities, all those who have been enthroned as a target destination for many of the institutions of the state. So the press has become the police and farandulera.

Túpac Isaac II Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos

August 2009.


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