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miércoles, 5 de agosto de 2009



Many men are afraid to swim against the flow even knowing you are on the wrong side, or no truth that our arguments, we see them or is unable to substantiate our link to the source of knowledge. We aim to fit in Fillers inconsequential as we reach to sustain our empty arguments before the obvious. Therefore can not agree that having presented arguments that make known the reality or otherwise described, then we intend to ignore what they had said. Some may say that is because of having found the truth from another edge. Is the truth a string of corners which can be viewed indifferently from the perspective that a look? Or only the individual as an individual can recognize the truth from his cubicle, which can be complemented by the display of the other which is in its vicinity. So if the truth is the description of reality from one perspective, when you raise from individual knowledge, but when it arises from the community or society would think a closer proximity in their description of things. In humans realize that a shift in their conceptions, may be a justification for their lack of correct understanding of the thinking that had previously embraced as a convenience to the individual interests of person. Many times we hope that our vision reaches us another level of recognition within the group to which humans belong. Thus we see that truth in the individual pace according to the level of recognition they get the individual in his group or society to which it belongs. Also enters into the proof of the excitement of life and plan what we might call existential crisis. The search for the man to remain in the world, seeks to rely on to give encouragement to enable it to take even a small hope of transcendence to it. O as well as to justify a state of things, has a religious aspect in this regard Tannates. This is found in the medieval period of history when Western Catholicism in his witch hunt to sustain their state of the economic system, had to justify the Holy Inquisition that killed all kinds of scientists. The truth is that when it builds to fear those who do not want to advance knowledge. Truth evolves and destroys the comfortable ledge where we observe reality, we argue tooth and nail to not want to understand that the landscape is changing, as when the day changes to night. I am here to discuss the position of those who justify the imposition of neoliberal democracy. Is this the best system for mankind? If the best system, that increases every day and grows geometrically people die of hunger while using millions of tons of food to distill agro fuels. Because they deforest huge million hectares of forest, removing the home to thousands of living creatures including humans who are indigenous or originating. Here too, the question might be that the economic only a small part of humanity that is so well focused that produces the vast majority. Because the most powerful countries is appropriate all the wealth of the poorest to sustain their own system, it is as if the majority were in slavery for which you have to pay pleitesía to the most powerful, and yet to give its natural resources, with the only promise to be in their area of influence. Therefore I think it impossible now to say that neo-liberal democracy is the best system for mankind, because their action is precisely what has come to humanity in crisis, and now the danger that the human habitat is destroyed and to destroy humanity and all that surrounds it. August 2009.

Tupab Isaac II

Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos.


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