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miércoles, 26 de agosto de 2009



Many detailed study, do not understand, or otherwise distort the analysis to understand the drug problem in our territory. As a phenomenon that has invaded all the bowels of society, but we do not want to see more clearly what that is. Many see that the fight is to defeat or disappearance of the last link in the entire system that protects and promotes the Drug Trafficking. The weakest link does not interfere in any architecture that supports this scourge. The only loess can be attributed effects of a whole system that has built to make this business one of the most prosperous as it feeds off the degradation of the human condition. The most despicable is the biggest hypocrisy in showing our Peruvian political and social class. The last class that is in the frame of the drug, is in the small coca and who agrees to be small producers of cocaine base. The most famous crop substitution programs failed alternative, precisely in part by the fault of those who wanted to implement and deploy in the coca zones. It is sold as a panacea, for example the cultivation of oil palm, but this crop has not even solved the great problem of crop substitution to improve the economic conditions of the area where the problem is settled. Without communication channels that allow the transportation of local produce that they have no further recourse to the planting of coca and the processing of cocaine paste. For several years it has sought to implement the famous program, that all he has accomplished is to make more rich to officials of the programs that have succeeded in all governments. As has been their source of money to solve personal problems. The lower middle class drug it up the assemblers of cocaine base, who hire backpackers who transport it to the place of processing into cocaine hydrochloride, which are held by middle-class drug intermediate, which may have some political influence and more than all his economic and even geographical region. This is where the Maoist acts to gain the confidence of the lower classes of this scheme because the lower middle class tries to validate and assert their position of advantage before the big drug dealers that if they are of the greatest political influence and economic, which is supported by the bourgeoisie of the drug that works with the consent of all U.S. intelligence agencies and why not say the same core of American government that protects the entire scheme will ease the drug company The upper middle class drug that has all the political control also directing all national economic system. Is the class that provides the funding of political activities of most political parties, as witnessed in the documentary could spread by the American television channel TV, where just one of the largest drug money launderers mobility provided the candidate of the rightist National Unity Party. She has tried to lay hands on fire, but unfortunately the research being done by anti-drug police are demonstrating and questioning the same immaculate image of the leader of the extreme right. Needless to say, the greatest record that holds the current ruling party, which is not accidental, rather they full-body paint. The national bourgeoisie is the drug that pulls the strings of the entire financial system, the best evidence is that we are the leading exporter of cocaine, whose income for such illicit business, we wonder where they end up? There is nothing more than the legal financial system to support the glitzy fortunes of many that can not fail to be noticed. Actually Narco Peru is a republic, where it looks good and it also suits the American giant. In fact since they also are based on the same. Tupac Isaac 2 Juan Esteban Villalobos Yupanqui http://juanestebanyupanqui.blogspot.com

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