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sábado, 12 de septiembre de 2009



The APRA party organization, as many believe it is naive: The Peruvian party organization that has lost its way after the death of its most notorious leader and ideological guide, as we refer to Victor Raul Haya de la Torre. It is a fallacy to which many Apristas naive try to believe today. Our assertion is based around the course that this organization has had since its foundation and all that had happened today, with the present government of Alan Garcia Perez Gabriel. In many previous articles have mentioned the origins of his story, which is the appropriation of vast masses of anarchists who founded cañaveleros guilds that were the livelihood of your organization, a legacy that persists today in many generations who do not leave ideological stigma permeated by Manuel Gonzales Prada, for which disguised the deception when he founded the famous universities popular so named after Peruvian sacrificed ideologist of anarchism. Such deception was discovered by the most famous of their martyrs, we refer to Manuel Barreto, known as Buffalo Barreto, without receiving the support of all APRA bases for direct orders of the chief and founder of the organization, had to go to martyrdom so that after the betrayal is smuggled his feat and martyrdom by the ones who betrayed him. The source of this assertion we have it in the declaration of the same widow and subsequently also of the children. Here I mention the conversations I had with an old militant APRA, unfortunately now deceased, who was an eyewitness with her husband of the events of the uprising and martyrdom of Chan Chan. He was a protagonist of these events as such can attest to the importance of their testimony, which corroborates the above by the family of Buffalo Barreto. This traffic is faithful testimony of the true intentions impregnated Haya after all his estates, as traffic is to be reconciled with the big bourgeoisie all the just demands of the people, for which he used throughout the exemplary discipline its membership for compliance with its directives and go against their own people's interests. The most obvious case is given in the discussions on the implementation of agrarian reform in the stage of the first government of Fernando Belaunde Terry, in which APRA opposed this measure that could alleviate social tensions raised by the legal leftist groups and the uprisings of Chaupimayo and former APRA leader and founder of the revolutionary left movement who died in bare table in Cuzco. APRA opposed with all aspects of establishing an agrarian reform and the reason is that represented the largest economic groups own the major sugar plantations, which were and are the largest estates of planting and harvesting sugar cane with their respective processing mills for export. And that line has been submissive to the legitimate interests of the people. Now he still does, only with the variant, which at present he does so to amass fortunes for the year after passing in parliament bourgeois politician. To cover their backs, in addition to the core having infiltrated the entire Judiciary and prosecution; want to present themselves as innocent and free from the avalanche of corruption that they promote. What's done is to put former militants paramilitary Rodrigo Franco Command, known as the Clan's Beside Me, in reference to homosexual inclinations of its key members, in state institutions that deal with social programs as a form of patronage policy that allows them to count in the next National Congress members to allow them to weather the corruption investigations which at present is very evident. Well if he had not the least Congress can open up pandora's box, with many surprises that would bring down the aspirations of all the Apristas impunity.

Juan Esteban Villalobos Yupanqui. Tupac Isaac II


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