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lunes, 24 de noviembre de 2008

THE SHAME AND THE irony of a political short-sightedness.

THE SHAME AND THE irony of a political short-sightedness.
The masses of contention such as sand are the thermometer that can make us see how close we are or how much of the truth is that this mistake in our way. That is why we depend on whether rightly or we realize we persist in our error. They said Mao Ste Tung, that if we are on the right path, we will not have everything or nothing. Of these thoughts and these gentlemen of the Fatherland have been forgotten recently, and blow after blow not assimilated into the errors that are found. Their departures are so large that doing harm to the movement to trade union movements, are removing the opportunity to be able to have any hope of the masses which can be grasped and regain the lost by the unstoppable advance by imperialism in the implementation of the neo-liberal ideology , With which seeks to enslave a large majority. Which by now have cancerberos unmistakable as the current government. But those who are lords of fatherland Red?. They are the greatest opportunists of the Peruvian political history who have always lived with the reactionary parties for the sole purpose of using and laze with the goose that lays the golden eggs of the Magisterial spilled. Well, many years ago they did not occupy his post of teachers in schools maintained by the village to train their descendants. Since they have no real contact with the masses is the subject of ridicule when they are presented to them. Is that the masses are wise and they know who can guide them to distinguish by a different path. Their yearning for many off the yoke of exploitation and misery. But as also places its hopes on those who do not know, with the single do not die so that he finally left. His sense of maybe see a new light which giving encouragement to aspire to another situation where all be forged to the similarity of the manifesto of Paris. But the most dramatic is what has been happening in their desperate effort to remain in force in the interior of the bourgeois political system. Some stubborn provincial leaders making a camp at the gates of the palaces of the majestic city of spring; disque with the aim of favor with a signature to register his party. Everything there were not more than a strip of lunatics like those presented when election fever begins, many of them dreaming drawn in the lottery election as the new Fujimori of this century. The problem is that they do not want to see. Many of the times its eternal candidate for the bourgeois congress, which was passed as a patrolman, when they convene their congresses ghosts, there is, the same could happen professor of SUTEP, or installed in departmental organizations that do not know with whom they have summoned, but at least they do become important, that is for those who do not know. Well, it is not that grassroots organizations has formed his famous Fredell. As masses of orphans who are in a joint mobilization of several guilds, when perched on the proscenium to launch her peroration hence, the masses into a single bloc withdrew leaving them so alone, that these are in the fight for industrial University students, but they were not aware of the warning and continued their monserga. But this has exceeded the ridiculous is its famous sit-in the main square, with just the same guests who are and do everything, but they are nothing. And this has been reflected at the meeting in protest for allegedly receiving the arrival of the genocidal George Bush. Two of the plaza in May alone there were policemen before demonstrators. Had wanted it to be otherwise, but the personal views of this event gives a demonstration to the electoral opportunism of this organization is giving its last sighs and later will notice much, precisely because they took the course since its inception and more even today that its molding system is more than everything very clearly. But because this rejection of the masses towards the left-wing parties, but are not such, it is precisely fitted into the wave rebel, but I hope would be to guide the path of change, on the contrary, to do with this phenomenon Tranz perks with their employers. They have always done, with the result that all the unions in which they are perched, these orphans are increasingly mass. Perhaps it was not allowing Red Patria is perched on the Chinese government and Fujimori dictatorship, with all the sambenito to prevent entry of Vargas Llosa and the government did the same in the rise of Yanqui Toledo. So much despair because the masses are ignorant? Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos http://juanestebanyupanqui.blogspot.com http://huamanpuka.bubok.com

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