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domingo, 2 de noviembre de 2008

Induction to analytic social thought

The main concern of the population in Peru is the path that has taken the latter stages of education in history. It is believed that this escalation of the problem of quality, the lack of it in all areas. Do we really will have bottomed out? Or just be a misunderstanding of it, as can also be the case that we are judging a wrong way. If our analysis aims to standardize the entire educational development, we disagree with it, it's like to pretend to believe that the development of humankind was in a uniform manner, which is not true. The main thing is that this is taking as true, something that should not happen, and I say this not by revenge, or any other feeling, I say with certainty that this was done with much improvisation as always, for in The ministry of education have been screwed apoltronado or certain class of officials who do not meet the academic requirements sufficient to conduct the Peruvian education system. For that I say this. Very simple. Is the case with the conclusions reached to say very happily after the results of the review of teacher assessment for admission to the public teaching career. They speak for themselves. But only been taken by the side of the results, they have not been questioned its validity. But the midfield is here, if you analyze the capacity of discrimination of social events for young adolescents, this latent or disappeared, by the enormous capacity of the print and television, which has made this a great job. Cancel or sections of the analytical thinking of them. They have been castrated, any possibility of analysis. That reflects a slogan, which is in the making between those who hold power in the world. The box silly, it is not just a euphemism; this by allowing complete control of the minds of young people by giving them other values, other forms of social life, making them believe that the path is guided along this path, this has enabled the excessive growth of the problem of gangs. Since young people to lose their identity and their autonomy rather than any thought, the body itself have to cope with the ravages invasive that do not allow you to cope with the dilemmas of society and be critical of it. The fact is that television and mass media will sell a range of schemes that are impossible to attain their economic levels. This frustrates the young, who have to dip into the street violence as a means of catharsis for his misfortune. If the box was more critical and silly permeable to the events of society and present them without makeup, also the subliminal propaganda, to encourage the unbridled consumption of items that are not essential for life, walk in another direction and at least would restrict the collapse of the juvenile mind. In the gang find recognition or acceptance. At the same school they want to be recognized and if they are not taken into account, there arises the first rejection to the education system, which is also a rather Analytical castrating. It has been propagandizado that success in life, as an individual, it is vital to the young. To do this they have to become a consumerist removed. The more consuming, but it will be well regarded in the small feudal society of Peru, will be rejected if not, very few exceptions. I recently had a similar experience, but rather seen as ghetto. The concept is of ghetto and this is giving the most that will also address the dysfunctionality of the Youth sector. The case is to apply for a grant by the Ford Foundation, where supposedly there are many filters, but obviously the filter in Peru, do not work and is known to choose, without any notable academic relationship. Perhaps more that belongs more to my group of maladjusted former group, so to speak. I believe that we are opening a new topic for analysis and criticism, from another perspective to make known the views on this subject that is becoming untenable in our society. As I said before, we have to be plain and honest and accept the origin of this problem comes from the loss of identity and the castration of analytical thinking of the young people of our homeland. Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos Tupac Isaac II Huamanpuka

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