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domingo, 2 de noviembre de 2008

Celestina of the World

CELESTINA of the world, unite. Many times we wonder: What is the role that exercise all the opportunist factions in the world? Do not fall for Celestina nothing but a broken old system, which is the Neo liberalism. That is what is happening throughout Europe and South America together. Some very festive garb, but it has a useful role to serve as replacement for the old and outdated it was agazapa far right at every level. Deny, but at the end of the day are so Celestina for the old and outdated doctrine Neoliberal becomes the new makeup, or maybe surgery to change his old face and presented as fresh and Lozana it is not. But those who claim to be heirs of socialism renewed makeup, could not generate anything? Leave the tomb at the tomb and from failure to failure in over several centuries could not give a coherent answer to the problem of society. The only thing consistent is the inordinate ambition to overcome his destiny of the most needy and to join in which at the time their lackeys are perishable. Although not created, at times you can believe that they are retreating into their meager intentions. It is puerile and our hopes that the shadow of the stark reality shows us our misguided ambition. Why then the doubt, we should be more than disappointed. The point of the skein is that we must bear in mind that the vestiges of opportunism had their origin in the appropriation of workers' struggles anarchists carried out by the thugs who carried out the APRA in the sugarcane workers in the image of those made in the textile unions. What is this? Many years ago talking with a former union leader from the former sugarcane farm Rome to which we must bring to the memory and rescue from oblivion is Ms Eusebio Linares, with whom I learned from my games of the social struggles made by the Great fighter. Its delivery and its integrity, despite the years watched with excitement and pride that has been done for her. For their courage and surrender in each movement agreed in the fight for the eight hours of work in conjunction with the textile workers. Fondly recount their prowess, the same as that of the epic 32 in conjunction with Buffalo Barreto and which unfortunately have now stigmatized by the first opportunistic. Until Manuel Arevalo always believed that it was necessary to do what he did because it was their destiny to power the track that had been planned, but nevertheless that they now call themselves the Aprista betrayed. Never recovered from this betrayal. Thus the children of Buffalo Barreto always shouted to the four winds of such treachery and especially that of Celestina always exploits the figure of his father for dealing with the heroism and fortitude of this great worker originally from Liberteño walk. Dona Maria Eusebio followed with his story with that worker cañavelero are hidden in the Presidio hill where the author also step many years of his childhood with his father. This worker and hero of the resistance of the parapet 32 is as sniper and then kept the offensive-government troops. I know his name said only that she was withdrawing after knowing the betrayal of the people of Haya de la Torre and the same; toward the Andean sites, from where it is not known who took destiny. Just take your bitterness and disappointment after another. That she feels in their own flesh in the decade of 85 with the novel and harum-scarum Garcia Perez. From that moment his silence told me a lot. She knew a lot of my ideological positions, but no more dealings with me the adjective of radish, corn and callus and only concerned me, with the diminutive of all time. But the sadness in their eyes and the left in their old age and the bitterness contained. Only he did smile when you mention of my adventures and dreams to sow compañeros or cigars for my Platonic love of Perpetua, muchic the most beautiful lady with her style of dress at school that my feverish six years contemplated. Or coconut envelopes you that the young musician youth village that gradually was based on what today is the Porvenir. O Brother Armando its Indigenous Youth who are reluctant to enter this society now is that consumption and betrayal of the values of our ancestors. But there is another Celestina much more recent that I was aware of a few and had been operating for many years when I met a couple of simple little word that the flag of revolution made us believe that this was already in the corner. I mean Breña Pantoja when we visited still beardless enrolled high school. It seems that for many decades and decades, so it is. Because there is no denying it. It knew that the word easy, if not accompanied by the direct application of what is being said. It's hard to be believe what he was talking about. And always wondering when and responded: There are no conditions!. It was his favorite answer to everything when you do not dare to lead a battle that was crucial. And always be fighting for something that was not achieved even 20 per cent of what was requested. It was always like that. Even in the best of times with many leaders like Horace or Bazan. Then I would realize that it was to drive shares power with employers is planned so that the struggles and since there was a marriage buried with APRA. Well, in regions where they dominated the APRA, provided the gullibility or silence calls for the act from the Aprista. A clear example is in the region De la Libertad. Here are committed a litany of irregularities and The Lords of Homeland Red never take for granted in question. The most recent development in the contest for directors or UGEL Education Management Local units of the various constituencies of the Department or Region, where he desperately wanted to impose and have imposed a candidate prone to APRA without merit that having a friend Aprista or militant. This was the union ruled by the opportunism of Red Fatherland, at least not felt at all for anything and the irregularities came to light as is the case of a director who has the title of educator very challenged, including me is known for his lack of intellectual solvency but nevertheless as a godmother who was then left uncovered in his misdeeds, his godson entered into disgrace but not so much as it wished, but in a way brazen. But the contunde response from the majority that feels itself a lie, is destroying this marriage between opportunism more sinister in the history of the struggles between the union group of Red Fatherland or more well known as Yellow Patria, although that color blush Such affront to so with the claudicante trafficker and the interests that appropriates struggles of others as was the APRA in its history. Today has been broken throughout the Creole republiqueta known as Peru this natural union between these two monstrosities sons of the great international bourgeoisie. It is necessary to say that the people will understand as it is and as the masses have managed wisely directed to the correct path. That although this path is a path of sacrifice and total dedication to the cause of the poor wants the renunciation or denial of ourselves so that this will culminate in the purposes to which we have Track. Quite the contrary leads us to the fullest of the failures. And they say the real protagonists have learned to drive on the right of the roads despite the revisionism has wanted back to the real interests that defends itself, but as always, every day are becoming more lonely and its partners as well as genocide, sells homelands and fascists are stripping the APRA as they are, and without shields have been more open as they are in their essence: The biggest enemies of the people. That all his cheap talk that they are unnecessary, because it smells as this feeling people. It smells a cemetery with the dead discovered a flower of land, in open decomposition with the excitement of doom black birds of death that some poetry has been in the attic of our consciences. We see nothing at face desencajado most of the more rabid of the journalist who is a staunch enemy of all teachers, and that his lips distills so much anger that if a teacher saw in his front would be able to attack with the held by the hand or in scope. It is understandable for its failures love with men who did not want to put their whims, one is with an enemy that is well known but at least respected their independence in analyzing things realistically, the other was a veteran of the rebel Weapons, to which she frequently and with which it was when it belonged to the lists of a magazine known. So it can not be expected to be objective in their analysis, because it makes breathing by the wound sentimental, and there we see as a force want to legitimize a force which lost its validity as a progressive force that capitulated to its principles if it is which had the force of the credibility it had in many years that at least remained at the helm of the leadership of the agency association. Today, although able to faithful to his habit of trying to manipulate some bases are addicted to it in some way has been to become a majority. And that very clearly their tricks to manipulate have been exceeded by disappointment, frustration of thousands of teachers, who have today taken the decision not to succumb to the outrage of the spurious of a decision by those who supposedly represent us in a body so discredited, which only governs and favors a minority that thrives on the most deprived. But in the case to accept a truce or lifting of the strike and will be the beginning of the demise of the political map of Patria Roja, but from the beginning that APRA already started many years ago. It can determine when it started to remove the mask in its alliance with the extreme right as is the group of National Unity and lumpenes followers of the thief and genocidal Fujimori. There was what was his true entails. Can no longer hide behind anything and what it proposes to expedite the stage for a larger problem that is looming later in new times. Perhaps this is not the same as demonstrating against the citizens in Mexico, NAFTA has created a much bigger bag of dispossessed and what we have today tried to impose as is ever made to privatize education becoming further two problems that in the long run is already undermining the very heart in the Mexican state Creole. One is the problem Latent Side of the Zapatistas who have a part of the territory liberated in the form of intrusion of the federal state. The other thing is the problem of teachers in Oaxaca. As here is giving this occurred in the latter republic, and was in Argentina, and was in Chile. But let us in a position that the suspension of the National Indefinite Strike. What is going to entail? If we have a clear background of the failure of repeated promises by the State Criollo and his government. The same journalist Rosa Maria Palacios gave recognition to Jorge Del Castillo, asked that very Olympic avoided, but it enrostró? The promise of thirty soles who allegedly held loa assessment census group. That certainly has not so far complied, despite that only takes a small budget for those who gave the assessment dichosa census. Met, did not. To believe them then they're disqualified. But the fact that it is looking Patria Red rebuild this marriage that always had with APRA and now therefore ask the enjoyment of the privileges conferred power. That's all you're looking for, nothing more. Well if you do not have long since been disconnected from its gold mine as it is to spill MAGISTERIAL where Red Patria is entrenched until the marrow and defends it tooth and nail, because there continue to suck vegging and continue smuggling interests the teaching profession. Because if they had not allowed a vote of a teacher. That really terrified. Seria inconsistent with its purposes. For one shows signs that it is necessary to relate happened in the election of the provincial committee. As they knew and Palpa that not only were most cited some bases that had problems and they handled through the APRA but it was also agent all former militants who have some college related, all with the aim of able to handle the event. So what did they ap0arecieron teachers from other bases immediately closed the entries for the assembly and put to vote until the dog guardianship order to continue arguing. And are so sectarian that does not allow dissident voices to speak. Not because they would discover as is its essence. In the last thing we have used is po9ner commanded a traitor and topped repented of the rebel groups. This was already described in its essence as they are. Trujillo July 19 2007. Tupac Isaac

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