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sábado, 22 de noviembre de 2008

The Confederation Of Peru Campesina

Hugo Blanco
The CPC was founded by John H. Peves 1947, originally formed by Yanaconas and commoners, fruit, among others, of long talks with Peves Jose Carlos Mariategui. I remember fondly the "farewell festival of life" that organized John H. Peves, to which we were invited Andres Vargas Moon and I, which tells us his story of struggle. I link to your address the year 1958, it had no room, sitting in a room provided shred of Amazonas. Secretary-General was John H. Peves, Secretary of Organization was Quispe Ernesto Ledesma, who until now still in the fight as a lawyer in the province of La Convention, Cusco. When he had to travel by the CCP to the interior of the country, I was named sub-secretary of organization because there was much work to do, among other tasks, I went to be in a strike by farm workers in Calera and then finances at a meeting of Yanaconas . Since its inception the CCP had a lot of participation in the peasant struggles of the country, Yanaconas, farm workers, servants and commoners of finance. It was as members of the Peasant Confederation of Peru in the Convention made the first land reform in the country. The bases of the CPC, as the peasants Bridal Canchis in Pampa, shed their blood in the struggle for land. Where before the shaking of the field, Velasco took power, of course the CPC supported the dissolution of the estates decreed by him, but maintained its independence since peasant reflected the sentiment for the speed of the process and the repudiation of the supercooperativas, (Agricultural Society Social Interest (SAIS) and others), bureaucratized, defending the right of communities to recover their usurped lands and not by the landowners, but by the SAIS. At that whatever the CCP was the founding of the National Agrarian Confederation (CNA) by Velasco. The CCP was present at the courageous struggles of Andahuaylas in the time of Velasco. He made the recovery of land in the hands of the SAIS by the communities in the province of Anta, Cusco, as leader of the CCP was present in the struggles of the community of Puno who recovered one million 250 thousand hectares of SAIS during the first government by Alan García, in fighting against government repression and Sendero Luminoso who murdered brave defenders of the land reclamation as Porfirio Suni. He was also a leader of the CCP that I was about to die in the bloody suppression of Pucallpa during the previous government of Alan García. The CCP has lost valuable leaders in various parts of the country as a product of the dirty war, killed by the state and Sendero Luminoso. He has been in the forefront with protracted mass marches in the process of removal of the dictator Fujimori. It was from the balconies of their local opposition to the dictator was expressed during the march of the 4 yours. This was and is against the onslaught that neoliberalism across government directed against the indigenous communities and the entire peasantry. The CCP has an impeccable history unit of the peasant movement. Serves twinned with other organizations such as CNA, CONACAMI, irrigators and committees as called. INFRINGEMENT OF THE NAME The enemy sees that it is impossible to crush by force the peasant organization's oldest country, rooted in the deep sense unit, collectivist and love and protection of water and the earth's national peasantry. For that reason he opted for the division. Sees that it can not make it from the inside, because despite the different views within the CCP, we are all aware that the exchange of ideas must be done to maintain the unit. Therefore serving fabricating an alleged CCP led by Armando Flores Rye The government and other defenders of the rich do not respect that our organization is officially recognized and so rob and galvanize our legal name to the usurper and to use it to confuse the bases quite rightly respected our behalf. We warn all the national peasant, a peasant organizations sisters, the entire social movement, this new maneuver of the enemy to weaken our organization and its consequent struggle for the rights of the peasantry. The General Secretariat Collegiate elected at our last congress is composed of: Jorge Prado, Roberto Lopez, Marcelina Vargas and Melchor Lima. Mr Armando Centeno has not been elected by any event peasant, are the servants of big business who have chosen to divide the oldest peasant organization in the country, which has a history of struggle, and the result of work of the unit that is proud. Unmasks this new maneuver by the enemies of the peasantry. Defend the unity of the CPC and the peasant and indigenous movement.

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