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domingo, 14 de diciembre de 2008


We look with amazement as education policies are destined to become a mental colony until the disposition of the North American empire. It is said that the center's activities will be the student, but how far we are from reality, to witness such hopes with what is now intends to impose on the new structure Peruvian school curriculum. He speaks of a centralized curriculum, it is sufficient to ignore the diversity that we have evolved as a multitude of nations, we recognize that the task of Western culture tries to make us invisible before our very eyes. There is no linkage whatsoever and to deny the diversity, which in fact are condemning this to be more invisible in this society of exclusion. It is therefore prefer learning a language foreign to our reality. The intent is aimed precisely to ignore the legacy of our ancestors. That is why in a few years the Runa Simi, the Aymara languages and different nationalities Amazon will become extinct, it prefers the Spanish language and of those who plunder our wealth. But as everyone talks inserting it into the modern world, which is now paraphrased as the globalized world, to give more ceremony and stressing that we have moved to a higher stage, we are up to date with all developments. That is the ideological contraband with which it is intended to make us believe that we are going to educational excellence. As any actions that seek and are doing is aimed at creating future invisible slaves who accept everything, even violating their mothers and wives, as long as meet the demands of their masters. As we will develop people who can be proud of their identity, if known, if not learn in school that teaches other things less worthy of a history of achievement that gave us our ancestors. First, because their approaches are so wrong who think that development is only the mechanization or training in mechanical handling. As is their educational approaches based on constructivism or holistic, based on the mechanistic paradigm. The mechanistic is deterministic, so they designed the educational process as a mechanic course, not conceived as a process of life that is animated, or in other words that have life, and that is that its purpose is to make learners Living machines controlled by liberals chains of cause and effect. To do so continues to operate the school Jail, was a good attempt Summerhill School, where he was to miss the construction of happiness, but not that of an individual, if not a made up as the one with everything and with a whole, the collective interest rather than individual interests. In what now has become a call to all teachers, students to discuss and agree, that's what we want to do with education in this area?; The only thing that is being done is discredit the teaching profession, with the complicity of those who allegedly directed. To begin to change our education, we have to do it for a candid self-criticism, both the State Burgués Creole, as the trade union, who are the cause of all misfortune, because they do not articulate as the first elements of a nation. His only fight is to meet their own appetites for domination against the other. Do not look for the happiness of others, if not own them, therefore built without the presence of those who are supposedly directed all its projects. And is that the self-critical is the ability to put in crisis the very foundation of our actions, or the future as we like to call it. In thirty years of the union, which are its real achievements by imposing an educational project, either because they do not have consensus not to have first proposed to the education community, not having built from below, that if they do. Neither the bourgeois state Creole, as they gathered at a tissue, and appoint him to say so, some old man like me, and without elucubradores practices to develop a project that is far from the true reality of this territory. Well, critical thinking is the return to the thought of oneself, that is why they resorted to the belief. The belief that the state as liberal or liberal economy is that solve the problems of poverty and misery that live more than 70 percent of Peru's population. But let us see how they are organized cycles of learning in this curricular structure: EBR cycles, fell in seven steps, which is based in your organization?. That is what we did not grounded anywhere. Well, if we have the cycles evolutionary psychological development of the individual, that from the western approach, not seven stages in the evolution. If you want to apply the inheritance, they are mistaken to place it in the classification system for evolutionary psychological Western. They have completely discarded the experience of the Inca, in the decimal classification and the classification of the productive life of man. Everyone entering the production system Inca, this has not been taken into account at all. So as we rescued our heritage and our identity? And he says the union? Nothing, well thank you. Tupac Isaac II Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos


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