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lunes, 24 de noviembre de 2008

Chavez Arrogance

Arrogance can not win the whole political leader in self, that, if it wants to survive the vicissitudes of the same. The same can be said of those who say they are left as those on the right. For the progressive thinking, are two clear distinctions, some of the upkeep of the system, but gaining alguito and the other as sons of a biological system that is crumbling and that is not recognized by those who hold it themselves. Or is progressive or reactionary, there is no distinction intermediate though some argue that it is the best summary of the positions, to ensure a coherent perspective. This does not think so, because in their opposing views there can be no middle ground, and this much is at stake when the life of mankind. What happens is that the warm-hearted as saying Christians; take the gollerías want a system, but complaints to be seen as advancing, not so. Here in our community we have many examples of these. Any change, which comes from the thought of a single bright warlord, is just an attempt to reformism and the matter goes far beyond, as it aims to discredit the true path of the manifesto which spoke of Paris. That is the way in which this crossing the Venezuelan ruler, for it combines a continental level with someone who has any whiff of progressive change so that it will serve as a screen for their black purposes. That is the result of the progress that has been in Venezuela with the advance of opposition to his government, which is the group of those who wield power preceding it. There is some reason for saying this, and that is precisely the progressive thinking stems from the collective thought that while must have a direction, this must be collective, because if we are the only savior of all, we can fall into dogmatism and in the worship of one person, which will have dire consequences apparatus any progressive movement, limiting their vision of things and drawings that will be, are limited and trimmed, and that not everything can be concentrated into one unit absolute, that if conceive a dialectic as the foundation of our reason of things. The clear example of what we have throughout South America, believing he had seen the full reality, where I have to, just the cliff, this by his ideological inconsistency and limitations they possess. What more premium is the individual, thereby creating mechanisms that allow us to sustain us forever in the right direction and not letting it take collectively sequentially and others, are going under the historical circumstances that are not immutable, eternal and unchanging, which same changes must be inpermanentes, but they should be, because if is not given, time constraints will be built and what they will perish. This is what starts to happen in Venezuela, apart from its alliances with Trotskyism, an expert on what Reversing walked in and give up any flag as long as economically enjoy their privileged position to wield. But besides having been an informer for many centuries by all the intelligence systems of imperialism, and of it being an appendage with which any attempt to discredit the people to liberate themselves. It is good to remember the betrayal of some movements that were in the decade from 65 of the last century, as happened with Luis Felipe De la Puente Uceda that he was betrayed by all Peruvians Trotskyites and delivered to the reactionary force of Governments of the time. And is that Trotskyism is a mercenary ideology that lends itself to the highest bidder, and that has a purpose, precisely to discredit those who want change in location for large majorities. The list is long for the counting of this. Many refused for the purpose of hiding its essence and destiny that created them. That is the sad end to Venezuela, which for the vast majority will see buried their hopes of improving their situation of poverty, destitution and marginalization. But what of all these ideological mercenaries are training young Bolivians in their misery ideological or preparing them for treason, as well as to continue to perpetuate their nefarious actions. For this reason has no future reformist government of Chavez, nor will it if continues like that of Evo Morales. That created a great expectation, but as these will be walking away from the real objectives for which they are asking the support of the majority he needs breathing space and improvement of their situation of slavery. And that is who should lead the fight exactly are these majorities, not thinkers recycled or mercenaries that are rented at a better price across lid progressive. Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos http:juanestebanyupanqui.blogspot.com http:huamanpuka.bubok.com

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