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miércoles, 24 de octubre de 2012

Warlordism is not Marxism.

Warlordism is not Marxism.Caudillismo becomes the masking of the bourgeois forces to draw the masses to confusion in order to continue to maintain the status quo of your system therefore the easement in favor of capital accumulation, despite the misery of the masses. But because warlordism arises?. Arises precisely at a time when the masses start desarrapadas aware of their real situation of exploitation and misery, with the need to rebel and to overthrow the bourgeoisie of his power. This is used as a Trojan horse to confuse the people and undermine, destroy insurgent or rebellious forces found within the village. It is the opposite of what I might say Marxism as a theory, but for some pseudo Marxists believe that every revolution engenders leadership. The only kind of leadership is that as an exploited class, marginalized in society who runs the big bourgeoisie, either the buyer or financial and bureaucratic, to sustain his power over the dispossessed.In these times have emerged like wildfire precisely this sort of messianic movements with a garment dye and masked with either Marxism or millenarian Indianism. Both are harmful to nationalist movements seeking his release. First of all we support as a single man, who with his alleged willingness and ability to address the changing times, lengthens its duration, after which there who drive the road to support the change, because it is annular who can emerge as collective leadership that ensures the change in society and its historical development. Is ordered to take decisions only one person, it is believed the only source of knowledge which denies the development and evolution as a fundamental element underlying dialectical and historical materialism, which is his thought Unitarian and Unitarianism is the characteristic of scholastic thought, per se from that of religion and all messianic movements based millenarian leadership .. This can occur both in Marxist movements as fascist movements of the far right, but the feature is given to sustaining the right movements as essentially maintain your system with it, since the purpose of fascism is precisely to corner to slavery dispossessed majorities.The second characteristic of leadership beyond his thought is the sophism Unitarian hold of the absoluteness of its contrast with the truth without actually falling into dogmatism of the absurd. This is where we left the imposing leader of the truth by their supposed authority in which dissent will not accept the directionality imposed by the subject and the states which can not be subject to verification of their claims in light of knowledge and practice. Consequently stands as an uncompromising idealist to justify their theorems of reality that wants to transform without having proven. Wants reality to suit your ideas and does not allow from reality with the theoretical tools we get to the real truth, which is also circumstantial according to the position of the subject, or the development of society itself and history.Third, his conception of history, sociology and anthropology is Manichean detached from reality, as if analyzing trataraa eyes of condor that is if not the tiger, for which it uses the same theory bourgeois without the need to precisely recreate historical materialism to analyze the story, so undone analysis and synthesis thus becomes a Marxist.Many would ask me to them with concrete examples. I would say that we have lots, just to name a few have to Chaves, the entire Latin American left and even Mr. Guzman. All are Marxist, only a few leaders, but anti-historical.Tupac Isaac IIJuan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos.http://juanestebanyupanqui.blogspot.com

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