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domingo, 9 de diciembre de 2012

the slogans of the ongoing battle by the indigenous Quechua population to say NO! to Newmont Gold (Yanacocha -Conga) mountaintop gold mine expansion in Peru

Conga  No Va!  Agua Si,  Oro NO!  are  the  slogans  of  the  ongoing
battle  by  the  indigenous Quechua  population  to  say  NO!  to
Newmont Gold  (Yanacocha -Conga)  mountaintop gold mine expansion in
Peru  and to  preserve  their  livelihood and  the  precarious
ecosystem  sustaining it!

Open Pit   is a documentary made  in 2010 by Torontonian Gianni
Converso.   In my  opinion it is  still  the   best available exposee
of  this  fundamental  injustice  perpetuated  by  the  global  north
against  the  south.

My short  trip  to Cajamarca and  Ancash  in October  was  a
confirmation  of the  authenticity  of  this  superb  documentary.

Independent  journalist  Roxana  Oliviera   and I  went  -- in  the
wake  of  four deaths in July in the  struggle  to  stop  Conga   and
one  death   in September against Barrick Gold's  Piurina  mining

We  mourned  with the  widows  in  both    killings   and  are  trying
 to  draw   the  attention of  the  public  of  these  latest fruit
of  the  recently  concluded Canada Peru 'Free Trade' agreement.

You  can  livestream  this 72 minute  film by clicking  on the  link  below:-


Let's  remind  ourselves  and  re-energize  for the  ongoing work
during  the  holiday  reprieve.

Feliz Navidad

PS:  Please reference also the inside page  editorial  in Lucha
Indigena #76  sent  out  earlier  this  week  for  an  update on Conga
http://www.luchaindigena.com    (Its  editor Hugo  Blanco  was  kind
enough to chaperone  us   for  the  duration  of  our  15 trip.)

PPS:   NFB  is  distributing  HOLE STORY   Richar d Desjardins'
penetraing  balance  sheet and  evolution  of  Canadian  mining   here
at  home.

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