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miércoles, 24 de octubre de 2012



When you walk through the maze of small shantytown Quiruvilca, go along winding streets summary contained human misery, compared with the opulence of the skyscrapers of American and Canadian cities. Meta with which we deceive any upstart snake charmer or others use it as a Trojan horse to continue to maintain the status quo according to neoliberal religion predicament. In these almost more than a century in the small town extractivism, of what he saw and told Cesar Vallejo in his short stories, nothing has changed, everything contrary to human dignity fallen into the abyss more unlikely. Keep alcoholism patent in all or almost all of the miners, and especially the progress of infectious diseases of sexual nature; apart is that occupational diseases specific to mining. It has also resulted in excessive enrichment and offensive whether they felipillos new municipal authorities, leaders ronderos. Here are some that are presented as ronderos leaders do for the sole purpose of negotiating with the enemies of our people. But this is not new because when Hispanics, which was but a horde of cruel genocide, without culture exploited the contradictions within the Tawantisuyu to be plundered, sacked to make way for the emergence of the bourgeoisie as a class taking power and ruling destroyed feudalism. The ragged, illiterate who came to loot our nations are formed what later became the new bourgeoisie in the 18th Brumaire expect to make revolution and to abdicate the monarchy and aristocracy as social class in power.

When I say that nothing has changed or Quiruvilca or Santiago de Chuco. Is that what you saw before, in my childhood and youth, which is what made me a young rebel, with ideals of liberation, none of what I saw before, it has not changed even one iota, but rather has accentuated inequalities . What you do is compete, which is servile and traitor to the interests of his people, in order to please their masters or their representatives. We see from the representatives of a community that many who do not know now Santiago, believe they are the staunch defenders of our people, now become unconditional servants of multinationals who plunder our lands. But not only them but also some young intellectuals who sold his pen or his word to support the traitors, they do it with such vehemence hoping to reward them with a gift so they can survive in the anguish of poverty that unfold. And needless to say of ronderiles leaders, who are behind the big multinationals, or local governments, as beggars for alms. Some have the nerve and have no shame when the perks of his betrayal at the hands.

But what has brought modernity Mining? I only see schools of adobe and furnishings made with the same materials where sit my younger brothers get lessons. Much suffer our teachers receiving the miserable salary of a thousand suns and have to pay a daily allowance twenty-five to thirty soles, quedándoles not just to their tickets to travel to these communities and to work with hunger in their stomachs. The State, the old state that nothing in the biggest corruption in the lower courts reflects what happens in the higher levels, because communities send them incompatible computer systems with the rest of the network, where there is no energy electric or solar panels or even have them shipped containers games robotics course, for which the same teacher has to auto train, if we add that his salary only afford to survive just a week, while some do officials boast outward signs of wealth and not to tell our elected officials to govern small towns, and is taught that our brothers looters, because as in any work, before tithing cobreaban now have increased and charge the thirty percent, fifteen for the main authority and the rest for their rulers wallow some showing their newly purchased vehicles, as

Now if we are telling car, new home and nothing will happen to me. So we have cheated in Santiago with a paved road in the liquid covered with clay and asphalt mesclado to make us believe that it was a new technology. We continue now with our old road widened and that will make more mud, making it even harder for us to use and where is it that seasoned community leader who is very good to be an informer of his brothers not well monitored the construction work of the people of that?

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