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domingo, 4 de noviembre de 2012



When it comes to allies, the level of horizontal commitments, but if and when he is seen first ally with the market mechanism of this neoliberal society moves salaried position with no more need to obey. For the first ally not mean you take a good emolument that meet their most vital, but if he wins unless an assistant bricklayer. Then he can be considered as an ally who was treated worse than a simple bricklayer who only need to know the numbers that count in order to know that it is not deceived in salary he receives for his work. If the teacher is considered worse then as it is said to be the best ally of learning.
In a discriminatory society, sectarian and fascist where submission is privileged and monotonous thinking, which is often bombarded with that message in all media. By not allowing dissent in the most absolute. So as you can be critical. Just when she, I mean Mrs. Patricia Salas, when speaking of privileging the game to develop critical thinking, whether society is condemned divergent thinking. This is the greatest contradiction. But there is one more that is the main concerns when they are working for education, not referring to the main work of a master, which is precisely work for the realization of a new company to train future citizens of these nations. But his main slip and vocabulary that betrays its ideological bias is referring to neoliberal economic finish when it comes to quality and quantity referring as a heavy equipment needs to move faster so it is necessary to make it lighter and movable effortlessly. This involves clearly as neoliberal breviary says in cut jobs or reduce costs otherwise. Thus the mechanism of its famous Magisterial Reform Act that aims to more layoffs and rely solely on teachers hired, at least more than half of the public school teachers under the State. For neoliberals, should be reminded that the only state that is used to support the great capital, this small group of oligarchs who takes over the biggest part of the cake, not the people at all the people can benefit, only can be a slave to big business. That is his conception, Ms. Chambers does in his speech betrayed.

The same recipe was printed in Chilean education, with the same philosophy is what is emerging now in our country. There is no change, only the application of a recipe that is imposing multilateral economic, call World Bank or International Monetary Fund, since its vision of economic slavery. Thus has a stamp of class bias and wide application of this recipe to the Government inaugurated Ollanta Humala. I could not do it without first deceiving the people of the urgency of reforms that are based on popular interests. So when looking for allies in a way that has equated interest, and us alone because if we go with everything and let the rest take equally well in hand, appropriating only us all, and there are no allies is the level of subordination, it is no longer subordinate ally if not, this is typical of nineteenth-century mercantilism which opened bases primary ideology of big capital.

If there is a learning society that is conflicting, it is precisely because of the divorce with the establishment of the school. This opposed to the worldview of the population. The national school due to other interests that are not in the community. But why? Why do you want a school uniform, despite the talk of multiculturalism, but not spoken of multinationality, because there already collides with the interests of class and social group.

Mrs. Salas is disguise his speech, but fails and is discovered rather the objectives for which joined the portfolio of education, which were never the discourse of the first stage of Mr. Ollanta if they are targets Peruvian extreme right who cares the interests of big capital, this should be taken very clear and not enchanted with snake charming flutes with which we want to paint not only the teachers but also the people.

Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos

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