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martes, 28 de julio de 2009

The Assumption of Mario Vargas Llosa as the Great Sanhedrin PRIEST AND THE GREAT TEMPLE OF JERUSALEM NEOLIBERAL

The Assumption of Mario Vargas Llosa as the Great Sanhedrin PRIEST AND THE GREAT TEMPLE OF JERUSALEM NEOLIBERAL Not if the discussion should go for literary criticism or the struggle of ideas. The serious discrepancy in the two areas. But the ideas which would battle to win this archangel of neoliberalism not to assume the post of leader of the kingdom of heaven neoliberal. Hence my surprise that the Lord is worthy Ollanta visiting a Lord who is the opposite to what the Fight. Doing this pantomime as the repentant student at the parochial school she came to ask for spiritual guidance to clarify the things that go around the circle by saying that it is a transgressor of Patan and disobedient clerical standards, says a lot about his attitude to govern . Although it was a close friend of the boy chubby son of military unrest in that school, but this means that agrees with their behavior, so before the Grand Master and confessor and guide the parish is a disgrace to their feet for no done to deserve a reprimand and allow her to enter the classroom to the real democrats in the parish. Is this a paradox, an unreal drama of life, we deserve those harsh reality that we live, we want to show that we live and palps is not really what we live if not what we are told through the immense programs commercial praising the system. My hunger is not hunger. That my salary is a pittance is not really my salary if they have no one who bribes and royalty including extra gift for the country to the transnationals. That while I walk all day in search of work and there are days that I have neither the will of the morning, not really what happens to me, we're fine, that the old man like my father who lived under way throughout his life for you to raise one hundred dollars he received as retired now as dead as he was told that the compensation for this ridiculous amount. Too bad that one day the end of the year he died without seeing that say he saw. Or like me saying that I better pay, which can earn much more with this miserable salary of a teacher who is not even to live, to do that I need to do farmer, merchant, messenger Canillita selling newspapers and by 10 cents gain. Everything for my family do not die of hunger, but they did not say that to earn that salary will be in the fifth and forty-eight hours work per week, which will have to spend thirty years of my working life. Which obviously means is that in my old law would be the salary of a deputy minister of state, but did not want to implement in order to make effective prescriptions of the IMF and the World Bank speaking to privatize education with other schemes more deception so that the majority do not realize and can make feeding more capital. So who kneels before the Prophet does not deserve to be the candidate of the people, even though the election is a sham in order to please the boys confused the world who think they can still regenerate lucifer of society, that neo-liberalism as the only the harvest is over the centuries is misery and hunger, along with the death of billions that inhabit the earth. Where are all the ills facing humanity. We desgañotamos in all the places to demonstrate the viability of their schemes and their recipes for the umpteenth time with our subhuman world as we know because we are not there, if you consume anything in the world of consumption, we do not have private property, since even our body is disposed of by an account that does not know where he came from the mortgage. Yet the leader who wants everyone to support, the very request goes to the High Priest to confess their guilt and say you no longer pecara more against the Holy Gospel of Neo Liberalism wild, no matter how many indigenous people are dying, and that the in his act of contrition is the soldier Madre Mía generate killing last category. Yeah, those fucking Indians, of those who are appointed as his most prized pupil and vicar on earth Satan Alan García. Not prevent the looting and desertifique across the Amazon, to welcome all the monstrosities of the world who aspire to the business of your life. For best monstrosities as shoddy wasted platitudes of life, buying yachts that will fire when the madness of drugs and their daughters in eccentricities like buying clothes that the eulogies three hours away, is that it is chic, that is generate welfare for the vast majority. If I understand that this is the recommendation of its creator Carlos Tapia, who broke for discrepancy skirts with Guzman. If it wanted the same woman. If great ideologue and philosopher very man he so wisely advises a Ollanta disoriented. I try to destroy the MIR to his clan do querer5 staff, but not for its development, if not to serve harem. This is the great ideologue who only thinks about the thinking of the Vagina, its high recommended. To care Ollanta Nadine or ceases to be of Ollanta and became de Tapia, or who knows it already is. Tupan Isaac II


Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos.

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