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viernes, 3 de julio de 2009

To the faith of the vast majority, Alan García-PART II

To the faith of the vast majority, Alan García-PART II

Metaphysics is the underpinning for the general and specific that can not be proven with factual or scientific testing, despite the current relationship between empirical sciences and not in political science empirical metaphysics can not be taken as argument to support a reality. The other is to argue that a state of affairs to continue beyond its life cycle, as claimed, which may justify some conduct that they say, not the intent for the great majority if not for the elite who benefit with such positions. Continental no conflict, as both Chavez line, like that of Alan García obey the same conception of power scheme, the two are involved in the scheme of the warlords, who is a national and the other more submissive, does not take away the essence of which are involved. Both are dictators who hide with a different mask, the government for a national umbrella, the other I refer to Mr Alan García, who governed for the transnationals with their entourage of acolytes all who are in Congress and in various areas of government. Do not see the battle that has won a Peru, according to Mr Garcia, Peru as a nation because the majority of the people is that no territory, only to give a majority to enjoy the riches dictatorial mind, allowing for the vast majority poverty and misery. If this is correct is a path of five years, but found a way, yes, but to further enrich a minority ruling and ruled ever since the invasion and genocide in our nations originating ibérico. If one speaks of misinformation, is not the fault of the people, if not all of it using state media to brag and self-made, which is perceived by the population as a petty self-interest to become complacent arrogance and racism, such the same as claiming that they are originating from second and third class, there is precisely the problem. Failure to consider other people as members of a nation in the process, in which other nationalities together with different views of reality. There is short-sightedness of its integration to building a true nation. It also comes with the argument that it is misunderstood. That everything that his favored group is for the welfare of the country. No account is taken to follow a line of primary exporter of natural resources, when these are exhausted, what the nation survive? Likewise, the university professor Antonio Brack Egg, a former champion of ecology, now presents itself as a defender of the pollution and destruction of the planet. What the advocates of the existence of a very responsible mining, it does not pollute or destroy the landscape. This is in contradiction with what they always preached in classrooms for years in college. Some believed in his preaching, others, like the brothers from the region Tabaconas Namballe, where the greed of transnational corporations to destroy the last forest of mist, which survives in harsh conditions, such as the spectacled bear, tapir The height, the cock of the rock, which are endangered species, all in an effort to fatten their own children to some Americans, but destroying the home of thousands of species and others are endangered. Then he says the lack of understanding of teachers in Peru accept a Teaching Law, which will award double the wins now. If you know the old law faculty and its amendments will see the deception that he is subject not only to citizens, but also teachers with false promises, we are well accustomed to this gentleman in question. First, the scale has not approved salaries of teachers as provided in the Act, in which a fourth-level education should earn what they earn a Minister of State. Neither has increased the budget for the education sector as stipulated in the law which should be around five percent, which is a percentage of the total 2.5 percent of GDP. So where is the privilege which the government says is its educational system?. There is no privilege, but there desembararze the idea of the burden of the education system, with the aim of realizing the neoliberal notion that the state should be smaller, so the state education sector is large and open a space would be leaving this sector. But here is a problem that is felt. It is said that much would have to be taken by municipalities and the private sector, bringing education and not a right but a service that could be offered according to demand. First let's see if the municipalities are capable of taking over the muertito almost very few on the fingers to count those who would be responsible for this sector, the vast majority have a great failure in the management of their communities, no management of them. Is currently facing many problems of widespread corruption. And so you can move an industry that is vital to the development of society, it is undeniable that it is impossible, but what is striking is the income from the private sector to take care of the rest of the sector, which means directionality where indicated, make this a business with the support of state budgets. Here is the crux of the matter, which has pointed to one of his henchmen in the key sector for future business. University and Saint Martin Villarreal are clear examples of where they want to implement nationwide. Their business. The same was in the Amazon and the same will be in the water sector. There is so much to give back, everything is clear in its intentions, the other talk is cheap which makes no sense whatsoever. Is wrong to say that: Who ordered the killing of 25 policemen? He is an artist of deception and lies. That said, before ordering the deaths in his first government. The prescription is a shield to avoid paying their crimes under the criminal government of Alberto Fujimori. All of this is true. Now hide behind the police to the shipment, knowing that the brothers would not be easily overcome Indians in the area. The police will, because that is his job as guardian of the prevailing system, has to undergo such a sacrifice, otherwise it would have looked for another job that does not involve such a risk because they are mercenaries, and to uphold the law if they had not been chosen that serve the same minister of the Interior or the Prime Minister together with Alan García. For they are the root of the problem, not the police. Is so low level of analysis, which follows the slogan pegándose, biggest lie that the talk about pollution in ideological education. Not really if the only thing he did at the Sorbonne, which will never end, there will only be done as the same friend who accompanies him, how much was spent on home visiting prostitutes there, and pouring liquor Libar. Any social system is thus intended to preserve ideological component which gives life, no social system that does not have or be free from ideological component. I wonder Where studied? O gave her the title of Doctor?.

Túpac Isaac II Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos.


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