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domingo, 12 de julio de 2009



The universe of the population of teachers is close to three hundred thousand teachers in the three levels of regular education. And only have left the amount of six thousand teachers across the republic, which have allegedly chosen to join the new Law on Public Carrera Magisterial and are appointed under the old law. Statistically, that figure represents? We'll look at the simplest arimética only becomes a zero point five percent. Not even reach one percent of teachers in that universe. It boasts the Lord Chang Escobedo. I wonder? So I am surprised at the comments of Dr. Luis Jaime Cisneros, it seems that his commentary on the iron status of all the Class Teacher. A slight analysis without the appropriate foundation for which I was surprised by the level of their position as a teacher of generations of professionals in the various centers where this works great professional. And I disagree, for one simple reason: No ATIN in any of his reasons, which I will mention and rebut. What the teacher wants Cisneros justify the existence of a nation. This is not true. Since it involves a nation's cohesion on the ethnic, social, economic and cultural. Which does not exist in the area that many call Peru. What is the common culture that can draw the whole population that is more along the nearly thirty million people? You will not find any, anywhere. Dealt with the popular allegedly said "He who has no Inga has Mandinga. A justification that is in reality not be accepted. One of its most pernicious effects reveals that this divorce with what they preach intellectuals as Cisneros is centralism. This same is also closed or racism at all levels of government and private. That is expressed in the open and hidden discrimination that is made for any activity. In a multicultural and multilingual communication between them in two-way or how to compensate for careful consideration I would use the words of philosophy andina. But that does not exist between the language of the diverse cultures that exist in our territory is a good with the rest. Here I am talking from the true language of that blood and fire to dominate this territory as invaders, of which Dr. Cisneros on one of its most worthy representatives and subjugated it. The intention of the above teacher is also reason to justify and provide a process for converting aculturado all nations of this region in western subjects. And what do you say in the words of philosopher Yves Guillemot, intended to dehumanize the Andean and Amazonian man with an educational structure that is to be the torture and beating of the Amazon. Then as it seeks to teach the child values in this context. As you can see the mistake far jumps Teacher Cisneros. Perhaps for the position of teacher of the torturers and dehumanizing to create supported. Its image quality is what is far from true reality. Firstly, there is a very profound reason. It is through the teaching and ayllus that communities have sought to conquer the territory or regain their position in all of which was stripped from the Iberian invasion and genocide, much more accentuated with the republic, and currently is precisely out a battle that is just developing and leading to the establishment of another vision of the world. Those who belong to this reality and that gesture was millennia ago with the evolution of the Andean people. We can corroborate the posting Andean music singing in a higher proportion in all cities throughout the territory as compared with the creole waltz or song whenever it is losing space in the culture. Very different is the case of the sailor who has a strong component of culture Muchic that was wiped out by Spanish invasion and religion. As you integrate the Andean world, is spreading around the country despite the efforts of the industry not to leave Creole leave their domination of the thought of space to integrate with and complement the Andes. The teacher Cisneros still lacks the vision of education as social engineering, in which the teacher is nothing but an executor of systems validated by the economic system and socio-cultural domination. As mentioned J Elliott, the educational model we have is just to allow a process of domination, to consolidate its particular way of seeing the world. Thus for Mr. Cisneros quality of education is measured by the amount of content that can be manipulated by the results that are subject to students through social engineering. Your man is dynamic, as you will plan to specific objectives in mobility that is not static, if not permanently. It would have to plan every process of the psychological process of behavioral learning. As we lead, huge amount of bureaucratic time, and that for every second it moves in the dynamic behavior of learning, that each of the actors in education. Planning is very different with static elements with reference to the subject, that not being unpredictable and dynamic movement can lead to a new stage of dynamic stimuli. Otherwise we would be running to the Pavlovian psychology, which has been overcome with the new neuropsychology and the new psychological currents of human conduct. Based on the above, there are sufficient grounds to assert that the tests, such as PISA, are not equipped to be applied to the world of South America. By the same approach in seeking to be implemented by the conditionality that was built, are an approach to see how the world is not the south of this continent. The same teacher training is divorced from the true reality that is experienced and has a desire and suppressor colonialist values inherited from our ancestral culture. I must add, that in this struggle for the hegemony of a foreign culture and the resilience of the culture of our land. The dominant sector is doing what it can not enter the sector dominated in this recognition. Therefore the teacher for being composed by a majority of the invisible sector of origin have been discriminated against in the recognition of its social work as a teacher. If, before the sixties allowed entry to resolve the most basic needs such as housing and nutrition education of their children, located in the layer "A" or "B", this according to the classification of the current statistical sociology At present the salary paid is located between the "E" and with no recognition of a society, have the opportunity to go to the last level of escalation. If education is the basis for the development of society. What the government and society in general position is consistent that it may have as to their intentions.

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