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domingo, 12 de julio de 2009



A new cabinet government Aprista premieres of Alan García. The flame of hope and the consolidation of authority. Has captured the presidency in the current president of Congress, then draw fruitful conclusions that will give us a light of its course after which the population of this territory will have to stick. It is similar to that of Mauritius Mulder, general secretary of the ruling party, to Aurelio Pastor, the squire of the regime, and many others over the years that are worthy students of Haya de la Torre and Alan García, specialists such as on fraud and juggling of sophistry which is as good the bad and bad good, gain over the loss, in short the defenders of the capitalist system in its imperialist stage in the process of globalization, which lost to shame and once defended today denied in the four directions of the blasphemy of its own ideology. Velásquez Quesque, like most lawyers APRA, are specialists in legal trick, that trick with the face of legal illegal to serve any event to win justice and whether it wins or use specialists who are at or sinecure purchase of justice. The clearest example is that its entire system of entrenched corruption in the judiciary has allowed Alan García rid of all his crimes as he committed the most serious as it was the genocide of the Criminal and have the face to run for re - a second choice and is the latest and Ripley, the release of the visible body of corruption such as the former minister of fisheries Romulo Leon Alegria. But Quesque and Pastor are the architects for the Problem of the Forest Act that was simply the delivery of resources to the trans-Amazon, became law in the parliament, that if with the help of fascism and the extreme Right Fujimori Lourdes Flores and her bed. They are the managers of the massacre of Bagua. Then we wait for this stage is only repression and more repression, the same words that have been spoken in his swearing we clarify the picture. There will be no truce and they give us in our cejaran their masters of the transnationals and therefore do not believe that the dialogue table and committed the records in all disputes are to be respected. SE will fail and we will use to pursue or kill leaders, that I will support, as all ministers are sworn part of that gear has been for the future of social struggle and just demands of the population. The first reason is to claim that the behavior of this system by the prosecution to all leaders, is the permanence of Nidia Vilchez in the portfolio of the Ministry of Women and Development, which controls all the programs of social support for areas of extreme poverty. She is a shower or infiltrate their fellow classmates as they call it, with a reason to discover the actions of all leaders. In that she has a lot of experience by having belonged to paramilitary commando Rodrigo Franco, who in the eighties is responsible for the murder of neighborhood leaders, lawyers and students together with their heads and Agustín Mantilla infamous Chito Rios. The second reason and perhaps the strongest, is the stay in the cabinet portfolio of the Interior's former director general of the National Police, Gen. Octavio Salazar. What is particularly the presence of the police? Anyone could believe that presence is a great experience in managing the sector, given its proximity to the police. But who has had his little stay in the city of Trujillo where he directed the police officer of freedom, they learned that in his day began to implement the death squads. Clandestine entities whose aim is to kidnap and assassinate ranked criminals who have just been released by judges who are affiliated Aprista entrenched in the High Court of Region free. Salazar at the helm of the regional police implement and organize these death squads to tackle the growing crime wave that battered the years throughout the region, disrupting the major criminal gangs that they Azola dollars. Therefore these two signs, but you are leading the premierato are not planning to organize the same squad that had Alan García in his first government, with the objective of assassinating leaders to stop the growing wave of protests and stoppages . It seems that there is the intention of this government.

July 2009

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