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sábado, 4 de julio de 2009



The image of any government is going to see very clearly when it seeks by all means to whitewash their sins, especially the commitment that you have with those who support his government. At the same time be specified when you discover the essence of the deal as a disguise. What happened to vladivideos at the time of Fujimori is a clear example of what I'm writing. Many media trying to bring the true picture of the regime, were beaten by the merciless addicted to them. But small as the record showed that Congress supposedly elected to represent his constituents have been humbled by selling their morals, their principles, but I doubt that they had, to the highest bidder as a market will, which is sold to those most tender. But many boasted of his supposed honesty, and one was discovered in a real face vu. The political class of the most corrupt of the Creole Republiqueta that governs us. They all showed their true face, the hypocrites and sell homelands. All without exception, including the defenders of the nation Gallardos, quepis used in military uniforms emerged with her face unveiled his true personality. Many of them have been recycled and returned to the old, fooling the entire population, that their spirits, not with the progress and development of the deprived classes, on the contrary, that with the development of their own pockets. There remains the Oxfam report, revealing the real crisis facing the majority of the population, poverty and hunger. Report can not be denied by the government troops. But precisely what they want to cover your head is more uninhibited that the picture presented in histrionic all programs on television, does not appear that the layer of the reality before us. Judiciary, and presto always consistent as a cover of the most pernicious corruption of government corruption. This same power which Judicial oversight of genocide and crimes against humanity committed by the ruler of the day, and do not say more, other crimes of misappropriation, fraud, bribes were presented in draft to state debt. Since not remember what the electric train, which now stands as a white elephant, a monument to the Creole and the most blatant theft of the nation's coffers. Now the same thing. If that is not very willing and obedient judiciary has been given for their action in delaying the escandalote of petroaudios, for it has used the smokescreen of a murder of popular singers of Andean music. Here, had the complicity of the media to make the scandal a police press release. We would like to pretend to be a release of an iceberg of corruption more visible Aprista. The same fate followed all corruption found in many of their congressmen, this is the case of Tula Benites. Which has been rewarded with more seats for his family in Saint Martin de Porres University and other state entities. The same example with the case Martí9n Sifuentes that offers thousands of calendars with your figure, promoting his image. The problem is that it makes money for all Peruvians, and even uses the state apparatuses, such as schools, with the benefit of all education authorities. This is demonstration of the clear line which always led by APRA since its founding. His betrayal of popular representation. For which a grand deception in sentences for the majority who do not realize this deception. That was the path of Haya de la Torre, while seeking to deny the four winds, in the belief that memory is fragile and the people without history. Coexistence ODRIA APRA is the Channel, but not the largest but one of the first to the APRISMO made to sell the just aspirations of the people at that time thought it was truly a revolutionary group to defend their interests. But it was not, nor ever will be. They defend the interests of capital and always will, because they are their masters.

Juan Esteban Villalobos Yupanqui


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