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sábado, 18 de julio de 2009



The gaze of Mr. Garcia to the University of South American.

Starts saying that no worst-eyed, who does not want to see. Believing that the dissatisfaction of the problem besetting the people, is only a problem of communication between the state and majorities dissatisfied. The path that the great majority have realized who was on top of the country's leadership. Or have any mental illness or have an environment that gives the impression of knowing the truth. Consider the situation of the teaching that languishes for the starvation wages that many suffering from tuberculosis and the risk of pandemics that are ravaging humanity at present. But the most ironic is the string of propaganda that is being invested to supposedly make known the benefits of this scheme. Budget that is already surpassing all who have the education sector this year. With the amount of money to spend on their friends to fatten the telecommunications companies had been able to double the money from the meager salaries of teachers. But they continue to its guns and not cejaran to keep spending more to publicize what you do not see in reality. When you talk about rural electrification, are not the same communities who have to pay for the supposedly where the State, then because of their meager earnings fall again in the dark, I wonder where is the progress? No business will be for his friends who continue to pour in winning, sucking up the blood of my brothers originating peasants?. Mention of thousands of houses being built by the state and private enterprise, but what it does not say that these are inflated over its true value of many times to reach half of what is valued, but what it does say that the middle class has deteriorated to borrow up to three times the value such that said ghost houses. So we helped the poor have to pay up to three or four times the true and real price of houses, with their buddies to win the business and banking. So who is the business, "For the people it is not. What is the class that always had and still has many privileges from the colonial era to the present. It is no coincidence the constant betrayal of the interests of APRA people, that comes from the betrayal that made the great buffalo Barreto who believed that the great revolution began to take power. But unfortunately it was not the case. Well, as a coward Mr VRHT fled as a hooker that is rented to any neighbor's son, as he saw his cohabitation with Odria and the entire political class that governed our country. But this is more because the qualities of a traitor to the people has a quality that is more serious than having the spirit and conduct of a genocide. That their cronies in the judiciary and protect the cover that does not mean that it is not responsible for all the crimes he gave to his wretched doorkeeper. There we have the front and we have recently Lurigancho and Bagua. Intending to conceal thousands of smokescreens complicity in the Ombudsman's Office, do not hide for long, because we must pay all their crimes, because it has recently done in complicity with the Lady Mercedes Cabanillas, her affable ex minister of the interior. As a student of Bush, thinks that we are in the stage that allowed many crimes against humanity, but we are now living a step toward that on which the U.S. imperialist policy and comes at a time, the reality behind his equals to friend Mario Vargas Llosa.

Túpac Isaac II

Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos


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