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domingo, 12 de julio de 2009

EL VALS attempt to create musical culture of a nation.

EL VALS attempt to create musical culture of a nation.

The descendants of Spaniards settled in our territory, what was the Empire, which later became independent of the supervision policy, economic of the Iberian peninsula became necessary to sustain their dominance and stay there, which had the need to create a national structure apart are needed to create a culture as a major musical, which drew on their backgrounds, could not possess original music, as this would have been put under the domination of culture found. If they took elements of culture found, it would have been tacit confirmation that it was found superior to the culture resulted in domination. But because it tried to create these broad in their thinking. The first chapetones see that with many years of settlement in our country, for one side were not considered as originating at the rate of natural ethnic differences on the other side had lost all connection with the Iberian Peninsula because it was not considered at all in government affairs, being a party that bore the greatest burden of the taxes that sustain the peninsula. As we were about Iberian descendants outcasts, some of his Motherland descastados therefore there was the germ of the generation of independence from the mainland, to them, not that of the native peoples, who had dual and slavery since that time. First for the peninsula and then by their henchmen who will stay in our territory. But the precarious housing were gradually forming into a class and despised as the place that hosted the best idea that did not create their own nation called Peru. Here's the first problem we all stayed in the minds of citizens originating belonging to a nation without history, without past, without values. That in those moments, those Iberian housed, were engaged in efforts to build domination and exclusion to its true owners. That is why Peru is not the legacy of the nation of the ancient inhabitants of this land. Is the creation of those who were without land, without tradition, without any kind of securities. At first, as mentioned Basadre, under the title of aristocratic republic, referring to the thoughts of Abraham Valdelomar summarizing the true descendants of the Iberian nation. Peru is Lima, Lima is the shred of the Union and the Union is Jirón Palais Concert. The site met the owners of Peru to decide the destiny of another nation which was subjugated. He summarizes Valdelomar summary of the existence of two nations imposed in the same territory. One that was the real master of its territory and its history and society and usurping harassed another. But this nation was formed with the descendants of the invaders are not blended with the nation to which he was stripped of its territory. Had the nation in training mix that usurp the territory would have taken the culture of the nation had dominated and taken up to give his own vision of things. No it will not mix as there are two different visions of things. Some are dominated by Western culture and the other side with their ancestral traditions, my culture that is slowly dominating the cultural space of the entire territory. It is a domination that is happening slowly and steadily, entering it with new elements that Western culture is being dominated in the cultural field of vision. Western culture, that refuses to be dominated by the ancient local culture, establishing mechanisms of resistance. One of them is the creation of the waltz as a representative of this new nation. Where this originates. It is merely an area of prostitutes in the Lima district of Victoria, which today represents the most degrading society Lima. That after the mainland in the Barrios Altos in the bohemian area of town. But this element of the culture of the emerging republic creole over the years to become nonexistent and is grown only by small groups who have no greater impact on the majority of our territory. Instead Amazon Andean culture, that their presence felt throughout. In many cases with new elements that involve domination and integration of these elements. Sociologists mistakenly referred to as syncretism. More false assertion that seeks to justify the domination and absorption of the Andean culture to other extraneous elements to give it mobility and a new feature that fits the reality andina, Andean villager's main feature. And this despite the fact that folk music is widespread with subliminal messages for acceptance, but it languishes, as the political structure that supports it.

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