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miércoles, 1 de febrero de 2012

Statement of CORECOQA: Regional Coordinator of Communities Affected by Mining and Petroleum

A: National and International Community.

DE: Regional Coordinator of Communities Affected by Mining and Petroleum

DATE: January 29, 2012



In accordance with the agreements of those affected by mining activities of the assembly on Sunday January 29 in Juliaca Puno reminded that:

Our ayllus, Mark, Suyus are one of the great civilizations of Suyu Qullana Tawantinsuyu in Peru were violently cut our historical development by invading armies self-imposed genocide, ethnocide, the destruction of Mother Earth through colonization , evangelization and for the last 500 years and denounce:

Puno is the second region with the highest number of hectares under concession, presents 2'551, 933.27 hectares of mineral rights concessions are pending, representing 38.09% of the entire country, about 14%. The provinces of Lampa, San Roman, Puno and Carabaya, are found in greater number of concession area, in the Puno region recorded 53 production units, 5 mills, 16 mining projects in exploration, 38 abandoned mines and 257 mining environmental liabilities inventoried.

Mining concessions in Lampa, open pit mining in Santa lucia leave a dead river across Green River Basin, Cabanillas, Juliaca .... CHEST Ciemsa in Parati, Santa Lucia Ciemsa, open pit operation within 2 miles of the dam ponds deglaciation threatening pollution of freshwater and this ore is located at the foot of the snowy peaks, glaciers, springs that feed the Green River Basin, Santa Lucia, Cabanillas, Juliaca, ARASI SAC. MINSUR SA, San Rafael Antauta, the other projects affect the glaciers and in Rinconada, Ananea khpac allin, kenamary, kunurana, Sillapaca, the San Carlos apu, Ppilinco of Lampa, aflueente and leading to Lake Titicaca,

Faced with the encroachment and violation of the rights of the people in highland community lands by mining activities, these companies expropriate, displace, pollute, communities face in this last decade we've articulated affected the visibility of the current status of all the families affected by extractive companies in business.

The diversion of freshwater from the place of Pampautaña EGASA by the state company to sell and supply fresh water to the Cerro Verde mine in Arequipa, leading to isolation and giving back to the indigenous community affected

Oil projects Lots 155, 156, 141, kill biodiversity Puno and sacred Lake Titicaca,

Inambari Hydroelectric Project between Cusco, Puno and Madre de Dios, the Brazilian will be owned by less than the Quechua and Aymara, affect biodiversity and all proceeds will be for the multinationals ...

Uranium mining project in Carabaya, killing rivers and lagoons, chemical weapons to kill the Indians ....

The SPC mining. Cuajone, Toquepala are using fresh water from headwater agricultural watersheds and killing of Moquegua and Tacna, daily use of 5 to 10 tons of dynamite and the use of chemical reagents to indiscriminately pollute our rivers and soils, are causing serious and irreversible environmental damage

Communities and people of Peru are not fighting for a fee, or for more royalties, are defending the national sovereignty of Peru, the territory of the Andean-Amazonian origin are defending life, water, air, sun the land, respect for the human being, the status of the territory and rights of communities are at risk of being liquidated, exterminated a disproportionate migration to big cities in search of better opportunities.

We deplore and condemn the systematic plunder of the Andean-Amazonian population from their lands and natural resources to the voracious freeing new feudal lords, the oligarchy of the mining, oil, gas, and powerful transnational corporations firmly implanted in indigenous lands and territories .

It is unacceptable that the international financial corporations, in collusion with our government, fire and sword financing the exploitation of our mineral resources, hydrocarbons, hydropower resources and biological conditions detrimental to the national interest and harmful to the environment that is the heritage of our nation and all mankind.

No community consultation or participation as partners and shareholders occupy the lands, water use and exploit the metals gold, silver, tin, copper, imposing social exclusion monopolistic economic benefit only the companies, generating division between commoners and corruption in the authorities, do not control the activities of mining companies, so they are causing pollution by the use of chemicals and it is urgent to monitor water quality, air, land and wildlife and verification flora of the region and of the fishery resources of the rivers and lakes all with the participation of the fair representation of the peoples and communities, contrary to national legislation and international indigenous law.

Note that the mineral occupies about 70% of water in the area, facilities, sludge field, the open pit and ore dumps will be constructed in streams feeding the river, as will the relocation of communities.

Mining companies have tax advantages, to have minimal social investment commitments, low production costs and high environmental costs and pollution.

Mining companies operating in the country since 2004 to date are getting on profits that are not shared with rural communities, the rightful owner of natural resources, however this year with gold metal prices above the $ 2.000 an ounce, the community is excluded.

Tax stability contracts signed during the Fujimori government be allowed 100% of the profits, so it should be proposed to apply the percentage to increase over earnings for the mining royalties by 50% to the affected community.

The voluntary contribution that companies do not meet the social programs revenues of mining companies in the last five years have been exorbitant, is rude mite ridiculous compared to its mining deal with this social conflicts are born not to benefit populations landowners, their unbridled greed and exploitation of malicious laws and contracts.

The forestry law promotes feudalization of territorial space by more than 40 thousand to 100 thousand hectares for logging and tourism area, generating landlordism, as the law provides and supports the implementation of mega projects (Inambari Paquitzapango and others) whose responsibility for environmental impact is not contemplating reforestation, repair, the law excludes the valleys and coastal communities stop and Andean

Law No. 29338 "Water Resources Act," that privatized, commodified and displaces indigenous people, promotes the granting and privatization of the dam, rivers streams and springs, among others, covering the districts and provinces seeking mining companies use and abuse of private and communal property, and shall propose the study of the real balance, updated groundwater and surface waters throughout the southern macro region.

It must offer the protection, preservation of watersheds, wetlands, glaciers, snow in our case, Puno and Cusco regions of (Ausangate, Salkantay, Koyllu riti ...

For the reasons indicated we support and we reaffirm participate in the National March for water and life, which starts from February and first arrived in Lima on February 7.


A NEW MINING LAW THAT effective punishment of those who transgressed ENVIRONMENTAL REQUIREMENTS AND HUMAN RIGHTS.

For a binding consultation Act ... for a law regulating the right to consultation with Veto

Cajamarca and live live the march for water

Kausachun Jallalla Tawantinsuyu ... ... .. people in struggle.


WHEN the GOLD IS "yes" , the WATER is NOT ...




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