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lunes, 30 de enero de 2012



For many, who have not read or analyzed depth highlighted by the Commission of Truth and National Reconciliation, on the causes that gave rise to the war that our country lived and in which it appears that as we are the minority that identifies with the always rule, we do not understand.

This comes to arise from an article in the highly regarded journalist with the daily La Republica, in the person of Patricia Del Rio and she puts her article as a slogan to the problem of indifference and is contradictory to continue judging and pejorative epithets strength of legal doctrine without what happened in the years of political violence. For the motivations that gave rise have not been cleared or even reduced, much worse have increased and clarified that I think in a few years back with much more radical. For that minority still rules to back the interests of those who are the majority and what is worse, deceiving, we live the best of worlds, we have advanced, is only a matter of solving little things and following the worst thing that has entered govern a man who promised change of directions of the system, but nevertheless is doing quite the opposite and this ruling with the same as they did since the arrival of Hispanics to our people.

But what is the problem. If a genuine democratic system, to make consensus has to receive the views of those who are up against the same system, so it must be demonstrated to be superior to the questions of those who do not want to live in the system. But if you have fear and above all do not have arguments to contradict or falsify what the other states, so we took the attitude of dialogue and even deny participation to another opponent. They chose to ignore the fascist attitude and condemn the opponent, because we could expose our arguments can not even convince us which makes us say that fear is our argument, to disguise that we attach adjectives vilifying the enemy and show how great is our weakness of position and conviction that we have the truth. We therefore believe that the attitude taken many journalists are based in adjectives without analyzing the truth and this has to do with the right adjectives to consent to enslavement and criticism of the systems have become supporters of practices exclusion and exploitation. This is about much more than near vision that we have to live events in the history of mankind. Our eyes, much of the time we have a very small space and we see the breadth of the landscape that surrounds us or maybe we are more comfortable seeing our limited vision, which is short-sighted and nearby, which is not projected and no more than a few scopes horizon.

Our area where we are, as I said and I repeat systems have been enthroned Condic lived historical development of social organizations. Destroyed the European invasion and consolidated a system condice the same human condition. The local bourgeoisie living a delusion that is their territory and that all should obey him without any hint of dissent. They do not recognize, which primarily are usurping a territory that does not belong, and which sustain the strength of an army that defends their interests. So is the fear that the arguments have before de Guzman, despite Guzman's thinking is too idealistic, there is no evidence anywhere that the truth is contrasted with reality. Would be a long discussion with Guzmán, especially its methodological errors that have fallen by their inability to see the whole of our reality and to analyze what happens to the history of our country. Second, what is living in these territories, which some want to make up as liberal democracy, which is not so, if not more than the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie and a return to feudalism worldwide. Democracy is the government of a powerful class over the other, if not consensus, even the government of the majority over the minority, which is an old concept of Aristotelian logic to believe that it is always better and as the bank ideological salvation for our good looks.

Patricia del Rio seems to not understand things and think through the logic of television ads that have created a mistaken view of the real problems which we live. The first thing is we have to demystify that no nation, Peru, even Ecuador, Bolivia or Chile. This illusion is wrong to think like they do originate from a nation that does not exist, that ghosts have been imposed as heroes, as in the case of Andres Avelino Caceres was a large landholder, come as a peacemaker in a non-existent invasion of the nation Chilean. They deserve a thorough investigation to put into sharp focus the reality of the Lord, what was your attitude in a war.

Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos.

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