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viernes, 10 de febrero de 2012


A few times I received this letter from my dearest brother ..

"March of the pitchers, so they called this national demonstration in defense of water has reached the gates of Lima, capital of Peru, to be heard and this government put aside the people and fulfill its promise to defend water against the greed of the mining.

We are pleased that within the dealers are our brothers of the Andes Libertad, there confusion among thousands of protesters, we're sure his voice thrill with the consciousness of Lima, who are mostly migrants and Lima is a city that for all your pores breathe province particularly in the provinces.

Before the protesters from the Andes to Lima partieran Libertad in support of Cajamarca made ​​an offering in front of the Toro Lagoon, located in the district of Quiruvilca, province of Santiago de Chuco, Department of La Libertad, capturing the mystique of our ancestors Pre-Inca and Inca, to thank Mother Earth for the blessing of the water!

And you know, in these last days, it rained in the mountains as you can imagine not!

The peasants say it will be a good year, I travel and I oobservar the Cordillera Blanca and the green fields where turf soccer field, is a very beautiful landscape and the shots I send you these days ... "

thanks, my soul brother!

Tanyita Yupanqui

Here is a video with more views on the subject:

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