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martes, 7 de febrero de 2012

Water and life versus mining - Peru goes up so that water is a right

Water and life versus mining
Peru goes up so that water is a right

Since last February 2, runs a massive march to arrive to Lima Peru on Thursday with the claim of cessation of mining and the impact on aquifers that hurt emerging communities in the Andean country.

The mobilization is organized by communities, social, educators and farmers demanding the government stop the project Ollanta Humalla gold extraction in the region of Conga and several other affecting drinking water sources and irrigation.

Also, claiming the ban mobilized cyanide and mercury in mining and compulsory social license to operate the mines. During their march of over a thousand people, were repeated slogans like "small creeks make a big river and powerful" and "water itself, not gold."

The Conga project involves an investment of 4800 million dollars and the use of four gaps in Cajamarca, two to extract gold and the other to store the tailings. An unofficial report of the Peruvian Ministry of Environment warned about the vulnerability of the ecosystem where they plan to run the project and the risk they are exposed to site groundwater.

The mining project generated a strong strike in the affected area in November 2011 and a political schism in the executive branch of Ollanta Humala, who relieved some secretaries of state who criticized the project. In addition, the Regional Government of Cajamarca declared the project feasible and give a boost to await the decision in the long walk of 10 days to arrive to Lima.

The days of running will be full of activities are the principal moments of Justice Water Forum, scheduled for the day 9, in Lima, and a festive and peaceful mobilization by water on 10, also in the capital city.

Parallel to the march, there will be other support activities. In Lima, youth groups, social organizations and human rights groups held a march through the streets to support and celebrate the beginning of this demonstration peaceful and democratic. Also in Cusco, Espinar, Canchis, Tambo, Arequipa, Tacna, Ancash, Iquitos and other parts of the macro-regions North, Central, South and East of the country will be held rallies and demonstrations.

Another measure included in the platform of this mobilization is to create a Truth Commission on Mining, to investigate any injury caused by extractive industries in the last 20 years.

Real World Radio shares a report from Radio Contagion fellow who collected the testimony of Leoncio Vallento, local authority of the village Nuevo Peru, present in the movement, who points to Humala government for position in favor of the mining project, thereby thwarting their pre-election commitments.

Photo: diarioelpopular.com
(2012) Real World Radio


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