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viernes, 4 de junio de 2010


If we talk about past and current model, we can not argue that education has remained unchanged in the contemporary nature of a historical cycle of the republic of what denomination Peruvian nation. As we are affirming the existence of two models, which are denying our claim further.

What if it is true that the consequences of school management, is what she sees in the development and social movement, is a truth perogullo, no doubt, but that's what you are looking for the prevailing social system. The latter also we can not deny and will maintain to be developing my arguments as in the study and analysis by Mr. Suarez, the wrong things that perhaps should be clarified. For the simple reason that his vision of things is very superficial and biased.
Speaking of diagnosis, should be discussed properly. And even more if we refer to education as part of the social sciences. Science and education is its method of analysis that addresses the science of education policy. In this context: Can we get out? I think not, unless we want to do sociology of education, but is also found within the social sciences and therefore share the same paradigm in the understanding of educational phenomenon. What you need to differentiate is that the education system should tend towards a balance, but we can not establish a stable system because the individuals training is evolving, and the body of knowledge is not stable, if not constantly changing is like saying that truth is absolute,

and say that this changes with the turns in the perspective of the beholder. But for this we must recognize as a nation, for the recognition of Peru's recent history is a nation without unprecedented. Can you say that men who belong to other ethnic groups, with cultures diametrically opposed to that minority that governs us, with values also found against it. It will be possible to form a nation?. So what we want to rescue? If this does not exist, or if there is representative of a minority that excludes the vast majority, that is not represented, even by those who claim to represent. As for example. Who made the national educational project? Only a small handful of old men who only know the desk of your home and the street that leads to college, where supposedly are considered wise. They may develop a true analysis of what you want these nations? Or a young gentleman who left his nation, which did not suffer the indignities of the system, you can. Not at all, which does not feel, you can not express it, why do not you know it.

The decision to transform, is when you hold the reins, and as you get the reins, behold the problem that the Reyes writer must solve. For APRA, provided he promised a change to improve the plight of the dispossessed. Have you done?. I do not see. All I see is that it has improved the economic situation of the companions, were poorer than before the undersigned and are now better. It is a fallacy to say that education is the weapon to defeat social inequalities, for which I ask the gentleman writer, Will because his family had to migrate, to Spain? I could answer, by the economic crisis due to terrorism. But I would say and then what happens to Colombia, with an armed conflict up close and at fifty years, which is never resolved, yet is in a better position than ours and that's not discounting that there is a narco-government . Here we are in the process of being, even if it looks that the government is bent on destroying its alliances with them, such as Sánchez Paredes family.

Isaac II Tupac
Juan Esteban Villalobos Yupanqui

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