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viernes, 25 de junio de 2010



I note my disagreement with the law of consultation, which the government seeks to foist another instrument and have that strip us of our forests, our land and ultimately our lives to condemn to death. Ask you brothers are willing to be deceived again? To pretend to believe in the words of Mistis and Creoles in this battle. I do not believe in them and step by exposing the whys:

To begin any consultation is defined in parameters epistemologically equidistant between peers. Then the vision of what is going to be questioned has a value of between them. Or at least seem to have them, even if they diverge in their views, but what matters is the value it has for them. To this end both parties must agree on the rules of negotiation;

as a consultation is a negotiation between wills to obtain privileges that may be temporary at the time, like standing on it.

The law of consultation proposed by the government for Amazon Andean peoples:

Where are these pairs? For many of them are representatives, but there the same on the other side.

You can not impose conditions on a single part without having agreed them both so they are not tainted by the opportunism of the moment or circumstance.

But we can say that if we are represented, will tell us names and even mentioned to the commission of Andean and Amazonian peoples. What exists is a mode of representation, which represented not feel like yours.

From there, those who represent us, they lack the legitimacy to propose something in someone's name.

No offense, but that is the reality, as they were elected in a system that respects our world view of things, that attacks against our rights are violated to deprive us of everything. So proponents of the Law Consultation lack legitimacy and also say some representatives of AIDESEP, newly arrived from exile, the conditions did not clear his arrival in the legal aspect they have been unwrapped, which does not make clear its participation, so it would be more transparent, others take the posts and legitimize the process of the Andean peoples against the State Amazonian Criollo.

Then in a negotiation is going with good intentions and no ace in the hole, which is not the case at this time, we say, because our survival is at risk of our nations and the future of our children and their children by also coming generations.

And the brothers arrived from exile can not be legitimate on its behalf, for the same initial conditions that were placed by the state legal system and who have changed at this time, and just precisely the circumstances that there is illegal Consultation proposed law on indigenous and Amazonian.

The insight and distrust taught us the Creoles for which they have planted forever in our nations and peoples.

Or is it not true that this fledgling his famous Law of displacement, which validated the spoils to the people to further the interests of transnational corporations, but by no means that of our peoples.

But something else that discredits the Peruvian legal system, to propose a law for consultation and this part of the legitimacy of the political constitution of 1993, which arises from a state coup and tried to put on airs of legitimacy to a constitutional convention to Despite being oiled and Sacrament by the international community is spurious origin and thus become its legal consequences in illegitimate.

And even more aggravated over the uncertainty of nationality, which currently has not been resolved by having disappeared miraculously all evidence supporting the true identity of those who hold the nation's judiciary Creole. So his firm was withdrawn in the government of Alejandro Toledo, to be an affront to the same ethics and decency of those who live in this territory.

That is why we have condemned and paying their crimes in prison, which is not where it should be, because for justice there should be no privilege of any kind, but in order to not confuse the indigenous peoples their humanity, if not their crimes committed in the name of a state and a nation that does not represent or represented in any way.

If we recognize a very simple way that a document had no signature or the main firm which supports it, then we can meet it, since you have not supported the legitimate representation of a state, if it is the Creole, so Therefore this document lacks legality and can not be considered for any negotiation.

Certainly by this crime the man has not been mentioned punished with what is offered in the market to other adventurers claim to have the same intentions and attack the system that hold up the world of the Creoles.

Well that does not matter, what matters is that the consultation proposed law is framed in the doctrine that holds the entire legal system Creole, which is the same as the state holds Peruvian and Creole, which is part of a Western worldview, the only participants who are taking by assault our nations and whose descendants now rule us.

But his whole legal structure is based on Thomism inherited from the colonial period, which amounts to a renewal of scholasticism of the time. To the whole structure has led Western in all fields of human life. Is not the destruction of life itself?

But underlying the entire Western legal system, is it not the same philosophy emerged from there? Where the individual is sovereign and decides the same destination, without being linked to nature itself, which feels very alien, the same fate may have it.

It is precisely this divorce of understanding of two different worlds, who come from the entrance of Columbus in our land, have a very modern and sinister consequence immeasurably:

In our country most obvious consequence, is not foisted on us Lord Alan Gabriel Garcia Perez, a second-class citizens, which was to doubt the rationality, not just of the Amazonian peoples, but also of all communities living around the Andes, stretching from the land of fire and extends to the sources that will give the Caribbean Sea.

It is because the colonial heritage that makes them say and expose their lack of understanding of our realities as different by their lack of understanding that there is another reality of life very different from theirs. Is that they see our world as a limited and flat, is precisely to have the blinders that make them vulnerable to the adjectives, and not to save even more lofty politicians and owners of the experience of his long years of stay in Forums, as professionals, they are, to remove its merits.

Now some scholars are seeing on their value enormity of our cultures, which had a logical order and that the anthropologist Laura Laurencich Minelli, Holistic Logic calls it, that everybody could be absurd and inconsistent, as he notes recently economist Hernando de Soto in his rush to convert the First Nations in a crass huckster of neoliberalism and slaves of the market economy.

And it is opposes the proposed western linear logic and the underlying legal body. Linear logic is based on induction and deduction.

The logic of our people act in a process ameniforme, expanding into a kind of game of mirrors in which the number of gods and divine forces are added together forming a whole hog and extended but divine than the sum of the gods and of the divine forces that comprise very different from the other and it corroborates the line following the Western logic as conceptualized from Socratic philosophy from which the individualistic and mercantilist thought, bringing the concept of development is different from that proposed by native communities and we will discuss later.

But to end this led to the conclusion that Laura Laurencich ago saying that the logic of the Andean peoples or the Tawantisuyu as she puts it in his work is a harmony of thought favors a society as a whole and not as a set of people, who has to live the sacred world as populated by a myriad of deities and sacred forces, but acting as a complete all logic points to give strength to the group to the detriment of the individual ...

I can imagine the priests of the market, giving their anathemas against our holistic world and its logic.

The two Weltanschaunngs, the western Andean world as we refer to as a starting point to oppose the law consultation to be an instrument of bias and deception. This is not an adjective, but as a reality that is orchestrated by feeling the love as justification for a process of dispossession of ancestral lands of the Amazon and Andean communities.

And is that Western logic is there according to their nature, that of instrumental rationality as Antonio Peña Cabrera says in his studies of Andean rationality and continues to assert that Western rationality is not based on Greek rationality, this is only one of the elements that will constitute of them takes its relationship to permanent forms that explain the ongoing renovation of sensible things, like why the Greeks, Western rationality does not make sense to the historical processes, it does not see the sensible reality as a form of progress and Western rationality second for the reason is the contemplation of truth, or identity with reality. What leads to today's world everything that comes our way is a means, nothing is an end in itself.

After rationality it is integrated with a syncretism Scholasticism in Medieval Greek ego does appear as a bonus share in the reality, which is confirmed by the res cogito of Descartes to justify grabbing precisely according to the individual and not in the collective in which they understand to it as a whole without relations of belonging and unifying. But then listed other types of instrumental rationality, as are the operational and quantitative. It will say: But all this has to do with the law of the consultation and Amazonian indigenous peoples?

They have much to do, and do not know how much, because they think if we develop, and exploit those who govern us, here at this time, we will be able to know where such a trick that implement point and say to his face:
Hey you, here are the things you seek, do not create, or think like their ancestors with glass beads deceive us to plunder and take away what we inherited from our ancestors for hundreds and thousands of years, we recognize them as the first who came to these lands to live in harmony with them and not to predation is what you intend. And not just claim, as they have already implemented the sanbenito development.

We have many examples of atrocities committed in the holy development, as a Christian rosary we have anathematized and sent their champions in order to change his mind, and if this is not the result we send their prisons, to this end have all legal machinery and his bodyguard service

that they will find the reasons for defendants, whatever, the goal is to get us to its prisons to submit ourselves to their designs.
And a whole chorus accusing fingers to justify bring us even though they know we stand for life, but not only of our nations and communities, but also of those who vex us and trampled on.
We will say that those times when my brothers dragged with the lash and the stocks to be taken to work to large sugar plantations and locking them in barns to work as live animals and inhuman beings, for only one piece of meat and a piece of cloth covering their private parts have changed, it is lies, all lies, will have passed the calendars that what happened, only the methods have been refined and now operate with more impunity, more refinement.

To do this they have to large mining companies expropriate our pastures, our land where we grow our corn, our potatoes. Huacas destroyed all our shrines and holy sites of those destroy our peoples to push the big cities where work will seek to fleece us to work more than twelve hours of daily work, that we only barely reach to feed our families.
Here are the example of the thousands of runes Santiaguinos nations of Chuco Otuzco culli Wai, and Santiago de Chuco Huamachuco going to settle industrial belts of large exporting companies in the coastal valleys. They are the example of the great progress here in the capital say they have brought us the great lords of modernity.
But they have brought? Follow the same misery, to all my brothers, all the gold mined in the sacred hill of the peoples Shulcahuanca harvest goes to feed the gringos of Canada and North America, but I wish it was for those, is only a few, to a tiny minority who make up the lucky ones, who do not represent the people of those countries where we have brothers stripped of their lands and destroyed their nations.
Yes, they have learned well the lessons of depriving the true owners of the land to strip them and condemn them to death.

We had stopped in this explanation of what was the Western logic to make known only as they think, is how they are planning to take away what is ours.
In this case we have to assert that Western rationality is based on the union of the three rationales, which are the instruments, qualitative and operational making it change its attitude towards nature when she discovers the use of machinery in the early stages the Industrial Revolution that made him gain time, which changed its attitude towards the things that led to the production of produce trade surpluses, which turns it into an end of itself, since there is no function production for subsistence but for sale.
What is the foundation of liberalism and his followers today. What brings also the consideration of the earth as an object of exploitation, no matter the consequences, allowing the generation of excessive usury, because there are no parameters that can govern and sustain the measured output. There also appears the concept and the figure of money that disrupts human values and society which will have dire consequences many are now predicting and many are already suffering the consequences, but yet not many are aware of that situation by making the nature and operation manipulated to satisfy the greed of a few that humanity does not represent anything, but they have in their hands the power of the world.

It also resolves all quantifiable and qualitative dimension that is essentially what makes the man is considered a pure subject distancing of the same nature as something different from it. But his instinct for domination of nature predates the Jewish Christian message, but this reinforces and supports as we said at the beginning of the message of Genesis in the great book of the Bible. But the dominion exercised over nature also implies the domination of man himself, man is wolf to man himself, that is the main decision is based axiomatic that all his actions and that is what they have brought as a virus in our First Nations communities. For this search that makes Western man things do not have that value axiological quest of pleasure but of himself to himself and himself, regardless of its relation to what surrounds it.

But then I would say most people who hear or read me: Where is the Indian philosophy? I will answer with the words of a brother very knowledgeable in these matters to differentiate between Western philosophy and thought of us and we thought our philosophy because if we talked about, we would enter in the same field and of our rulers, it is not desirable nor productive to see how they have maneuvered our worldview. Our Yllayninchis, as mentioned by our brother, corroborated by the studies of John Van Kessel and summarize in his own words that he did in a lecture to students of philosophy that disbelievers claimed that the American Indians thought we did not have:

Because if not ... the reason is a myth, "the reason" Western, the only reason to exist, because they say it is a myth, a myth very sophisticated, very deep, very complicated yes, but myth finally I have not got much time now to explain this in depth, but I'll do a summary, a short, if we seek any dictionary of philosophy and see why the word means, let's see that is a synonym for "logos" and finally a synonym of "Christ" and as this is a "one true God" according to West, is the only true God, the creative unity, truth, goodness, which monopolizes all the values like love, charity etc, etc. that drive that crashed against the front Nietzsche and even "kill him" in one of his philosophical novels. Who slew him?: The ugliest men. Of course if you had done to his image. This myth of the one true God who is both "reason" that has caused us many problems here in America, and continues to cause us many problems, such as myth, we can arm and disarm, as does Levi- any myth-Strauss, "so what can we do to explain our wisdom, our deepest thoughts and we can read some writers like Arendt, Agamben, Foucault himself, who thus speak of" Greek "to assume as conscious human beings, reasonable, rational. We are told that in ancient Greece there were two life terms designated: "Zoe" life was flat, bare life, of all beings known as alive, and "Bios" is the human life when assumes the "good life" or the live well and clarifies that it is "living for the good" eye is not like the Andean-Amazonian Kawsay Sumak, or Allin kausay or Sumaq Kaman, these concepts ours, are nothing different.

So far we have confirmed that this is a struggle of thoughts and positions to which we want to foist a triumph over a law that does nothing but confirm the intentions of the Creoles perched in power. But the most paradoxical is that we also want to assume the guardianship through INDEPA, political body that is driven to the very center of power according to the commercial interests to which the subject who is in it. Then this body that is driven by the highest levels of government is the one to decide who is indigenous and who is not, if not represented by Amazonian indigenous peoples and then as we see, there is a malicious intent and that is a disadvantage for those who we are affected, whether people or nations or originating Amazon.

For all this we believe that the proposal should be discarded given by Congress and carried out other, very new to negotiations, without benefits of any kind.

Tupac Isaac II
Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos.

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