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miércoles, 2 de junio de 2010

The INDUSTRY - A REGIONAL NEWSPAPER -PERUVIAN IS racist, fascist and xenophobic.

The INDUSTRY - A REGIONAL NEWSPAPER -PERUVIAN IS racist, fascist and xenophobic.

Many years ago in the department of La Libertad where a fascist political party took by assault the city to enrich all their members, and also increase their fortunes in alliance with drug trafficking, or make them public relations for this evil. This body of the local press fell in all languages, to denounce these evils through which he passed the town and rather made a covenant and rubbed elbows with the mob of white-collar and white powder, giving rostrum. The only thing is they do not accept their exclusive club to enter Central, where they meet the rancid, racist Trujillo society.

I have never heard a word of admiration or support for the indigenous masses of the department by the owners of the newspaper, as well as his failure to put on their list of writers who only agree with his ideas Franco Spanish. Well, do not write, because it would receive international condemnation, but no one denies that they are admirers of Benito Mussolini, Hitler, Francisco Franco and assiduous members of the sect Opus Dei and met members of the brotherhood of Jose Maria Escriva.
When Fujimori at the time and the 90 plundered the riches of the Regional Treasury, the newspaper editorialized not budge and the satrap who lived in Lima. But this is not surprising, since it has a path laid out well.
But why, is your phobia? Of these white gentlemen, owners of the press Trujillo? Very simple. The internal conflict experienced by Peru for nearly two decades, was not created in a conciabulo of Whitey, nor did the worshipers of Whitey mestizos. The generated Indian masses who lived and still live the oppression of a system governed by Whitey.
These expressions we can see much more clearly in the city of Trujillo, where the expression of racism by the descendants of the Spanish is very noticeable and Mrs. or Miss Ana María Antonieta Vega Ganoza, writing in the Journal of the North territory is the most conspicuous representative. He believes that the closure of Fujimori, it was not a thief, or she believes to believe, that it was not for it.

It is here in our country, if you're name complicated or White skin and clear eyes and descended from some of the families of Hispanic origin, ie those who invaded our First Nations, they were not going to happen, rather judges and the entire judicial system is designed not to punish their crimes. But if you're poor, you're Indian or SERRANO, as they called us all Indians. So you made a bread, you get sent to jail to life imprisonment. If anything, can be heard in conversations of those who make gatherings in their homes, saying: There, fuchi, fuchi, imagine having to put up with that Indian, fat and ugly of Homer Burgos. Well all is, to preserve what is ours and it will support us.

These expressions are as emblematic across caste, to which belongs the lady or young lady who commented, plant belonging to journalists and opinion writers. So their anger against all who are in great condition abolish their privileges, or have tried. If the reader see who are those who oppose the release of political prisoners unjustly lost their freedom, you see, they're all white boys and live in upper middle class neighborhoods, not to mention the high bourgeoisie. They express their hatred more to those who dared to take away their privileges. Needless to say of those who after a confession of faith, also participate in the many privileges to sustain the status quo of society.

Just know, that never come to protest more than five hundred students from the University of Huancayo who were killed in the government of Fujimori, Military whiteys.

And I say no, they were all Indians, as are Indian, his death is invisible, even to the same human rights organizations worldwide. But I do remember, as they are and will remain my brothers, those poor who aspired to be professionals out of extreme poverty. The only thing left in life is to go to death, to make it around the forum, all to be Indians.

Tupac Isaac II
Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos

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