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martes, 15 de junio de 2010


Not a few days ago had written an article on xenophobia that existed in the minds of many journalists and almost all the upper middle class society Lima accompanied with some coastal cities in this territory. The sentences in third-class citizens to refer to members of First Nations, not only had come from the mouth of the ruler in power,

but it is customary throughout the colonial aristocracy and big bourgeoisie to go to the members of the indigenous peoples, whether of the peoples of the Amazon or the Andean peoples. In fact, with those in government, we are different peoples with different traditions. For them, we will always cholos, if we come from the Andean region and the redskins if people come from Amazon.

How often, when entering a restaurant, of those who are considered very high level, we have extracted from paws into the street, showing us the signs on their doors: We reserve the right to refuse admission. They say it clear and enrostran us in the face. The same happens in the clubs exclusive or exclusive universities, where they can not enter the Indians or the redskins. As well as access to some scholarships, for those who are perched in them, expressing racial hatred towards us, being heirs of our First Nations. I say this from personal experience. I have personally suffered and most of this NGO, which just depends on another source of North America and is named after a former president. There are bashing me for many years, with the promise of a scholarship, but this never came, as others were graceful, I think that generally the closest to the directors of the Peruvian.
But the most blatant discrimination, is doing almost all media. In marketing programs, has never seen a person of any nation that is originally present.

Always choose Nordic model European or American origin, as well as of African descent, as if they were the only ones who populate this territory. The same scenario is when denigrate the position of women, which are treated as sex objects.
But there is also discrimination in labor, economic and cultural, as we have been mentioning and stressing. That is why we venture to say that there are very many nations found: A governing, having on hand the economic power, military and political power reassurance and many other nations who are content to be slaves of the absolute power that hold that social class, European and Spanish descent, who ruled over the colony and which overwhelmed our territory to plunder

as we are doing now and in our faces. Thus let us perish in an area where serious environmental problems that leave us. And if we object, we come up with the argument of the third class people, as well, that will take into account their opinion, if people do not represent anything, though we are all people, and intimidate us to drive us to our own brothers who serve in the bodyguard of another nation that has appropriated our territory. And people do not see that the death of many who belong to the bodyguard, is by its very need for such employment, then they are the same ones responsible for his death, not the people who barely defend their rights. We say and shout, as if we were savages who are to blame. The bodyguard is solely responsible for what they do, they defend the indefensible. Because they protect the invaders and thieves of our peoples. Then we will have mercy, who come to humble ourselves to defend those who sell our lands, to pollute our Pacha Mama, our cars, washing his hateful gold. And still we go we're third class citizens, just because we defend the lives of future generations of our children's children.

Tupac Isaac II
Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos

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