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miércoles, 30 de junio de 2010



In my memory bounding out to two scenes for more lurid in the lives of teachers Peruvians, which must be taken into account. The first occurs in the mourning of Fronton and Lurigancho and another of the July 18, the one or the other happens a few days of each other and the two teachers who die with their youth, were killed.lobbies to large multinational companies. We only know that and were poor, they died. Many of them left in their minds the ideal of a just society, especially for those children living in the thousands of slums that surround our large cities, because they lived and still live in those who happen to them as teachers of these children pain .

Those children who only eat once a day, and that food is only fishmeal mixture of cardboard, because it is cheaper than what is in popular markets. And this despite the triumphalism of all governments. It's just that they do not live near those areas in which millions of our brothers who are displaced from their land to big cities, they take away their land, under the usual pretext of bringing development to their people and deceive them with a miserable sun, it spends and has no more and takes refuge in the big cities to cover their misery, and that's where you only have to use the teacher as he is also poor, but it is close, too close for comfort for their sorrows. And is that the system that exploits or eats, not interested in the Master, than to invent one that thousands of laws to follow poor and miserable, so you do not see all their corruption and exploitation of teachers, invents a thousand tricks, such as evaluations and tricky laws, saying it is for exceeding the teachers, but salaries are the most miserable, most tips seem a little insulting you reach for a week's needs, while all his body-guard earns twice what our teachers earn in a month. Is that interests you save the system, but to do justice to the suffering that teach the children of the village.
Died at the Fronton If teachers without being tried by an independent judiciary, the murderer now serves as the President without ever being bothered by the crimes he committed against defenseless those teachers. And rather with bravado through his minions, like that Indian muchica believed gringo white skin and holding the post of premier of the Republic comes to threaten the freedom of thought, freedom of speech. Of course, I can not cover the ongoing atrocities committed in this his second government. And the only way to silence the voices of protest, as they always do, is bring their laws to infringe upon the right to strike, to think differently from them and do so in writing. Les hurts my soul to be told Four Corners thieves, as would a fascist candidate gamonalismo representative of modern. It is therefore no mercy to the people not to demand their rights, there came the criminalization of social protest. Bases many social leaders, is to be in jail, while offenders collars and ties continue in the streets looking where defraud or hanging on the tit of the government to do more careful, but the same is cheating the village, as the candidate APRA called Salaverry.

We must also remember those young aspiring teachers, in which a death squad led by the terrorist Fujimori gave the order to kill them, just for the crime of being young, poor and students of the University's poorest throughout Peru, which is self-management where the government are genuinely young people together with their true masters. Aside from giving every facility to those poor in the Amazon without a roof, and no money was formed to return to their villages and First Nations. But we must also remember the college boys at the National University Center where the terrorist Huancayo Fujimori and his death squads let loose from the air force planes. In one there are ten girls and a teacher, I mean the college brothers Enrique Guzmán y Valle, most commonly known as La Cantuta, and which is to write this note outflow in the hardest years of political violence in our nations.

Perhaps the Cantuta is best known for being close and in the capital, but the University suffered the insanity of state terrorists was the University of downtown where there are hundreds, perhaps thousands of students who were killed by the squads Fujimori's death. There was a crime, have the dark color that is to be Andean, Amazonian and poor, as well as students of any discipline and be talking or playing music of his people, was considered in the list appear to be missing and dead in a valley or very simply thrown from a helicopter or plane to shred your body on the rocks or rivers of Pune. And now in the paradoxical, those convicted and his terrorist organization of state are covered by the genocidal Alan García, probably to cover up their crimes in this new stage of his political life.
A fitting tribute to those teachers who died in all the genocides of Alan Garcia and Fujimori, for his example showed that despite the misdeeds go unpunished for these criminals, are they putting in the hope of the people.

Isaac II Tupac
Juan Esteban Villalobos Yupanqui

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