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domingo, 27 de junio de 2010

The LAW of Consultation is a LAW of TREASON and SPOIL

The LAW of Consultation is a LAW of TREASON and SPOIL
We reject those who support the betrayal of the peoples.

If you will be asked to enter your home, but you have no right not to let them in, then what the hell I will see if I can not prevent it from entering?
It is a paragraph without sense, but that leads to the suppression of rights to indigenous communities is what the article says 3rd in paragraph B in the last lines, there is nothing but bad faith of those who conceived this document:

THE LAW of Consultation MAKES NO THE RIGHT of PEOPLE indigenous to say: VETO !!!

In a dialogue there can be no involvement of one of the dialogues, there must be the same conditions for dialogue, but if it go, and maimed in my right to decide if my rights are affected. What comes to inconsistency in paragraph "G" in which refers to recognize participate politically and legally. If there is recognition, then it is incongruous position to veto decisions that affect their domains, both cultural, social and territorial. As there is such inconsistency in court, they have asked for fuzzy control, which won the dispute, before any demand had been made, having taken a decision contrary to those of indigenous or originating. It also goes against the principle of Liberty. The very fact of taking the right of veto to a query, the attentive and coerced corrupts these principles.

But there is a trick that nobody has been able to see and discredits the bill and as regards the technical agency that specializes in the representation of indigenous or originating is reduced to only four delegates, instead of government organizations and specialized consultants government are outnumbered, nearly seven members, with which they can pass by simple majority, any project that benefits the coffers of transnational corporations and worsens the situation of indigenous peoples or originating. The sensible thing is that every nationality has its representative native peoples in this specialized technical agency and the government has been limited only to the same representatives of the areas that represent them.

But lately it has been reported that the government saw as the union of Amazon and Andean peoples as a single force, now seeks to ignore the peoples and nationalities living in the Andean massif. That has a purpose, and is only fracture that union, so that more? The intention is to finish off all our Amazonia highest bidder, as the Andean area finished it off to friends of transnational mining cornering our brothers to the big cities to live and die as mere dogs with scabies, that's what you are doing and there are many leaders of complicity with the trembling hand that seek to lessen the indignation that suffer, those who are aware of the damage being made to Pachamama, our mother we are born we live and thousands of generations forever.

So it seemed very suspicious that the alleged probation Pizango brother, and I also suspect remains as his coming to our shores, or is in between some negotiation, as the Sandinistas are specialists in selling people's interests, as have always done, unless you tell our brothers Miskito whom they have removed the right of its territory. Well, as a candidate for the party electoral Creole, we are not to be the groups we look at these kind of circus that we want to introduce our slavers and sellers of our territories. I also have said they have postponed the discussions between the brothers, from here, hopefully not any maneuver of those in favor of the law of yore. If you move one of the brothers, this is very wrong. Then you have to understand what they are and will be the traps that we are subjecting the native governing this territory and we have been saying and if we go into the historical field. These are already being planned long before what we live in this century we were as a project of life and history of our fathers and our grandfathers and fathers fathers ancestors.

This was done by San Martin and Bolivar, who came with the plan to divide our nations, not with the desire to pursue development of our nations and peoples, but to dominate for the domain of the nascent bourgeoisie that emerged from the French Revolution. So I think the joke of the Bolivarian revolution and revolution of the XXI century, which is more than a humorous one with dreams militarejo or emperor Napoleon.

Tupac Isaac II
Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos

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