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jueves, 22 de abril de 2010



He was born almost in the hands of his Yusaac Mama, Mother of cussi Rampi. Revenue furtive love between the maiden of the most respectable Panaka and was the manager of the farms in the region Inkas of Uchus, and Spanish that came with Francisco Pizarro. Vivian in the Yungas of Samana, rich in fruit and where real Kapak passed Yum. This Spanish stayed behind at the community of Uchus to take the gold that drew Quiruvilca and which had to give the commander of Pizarro.

The Spanish Name Juan De Dios, was a former student of Augustinian priests could not continue his studies, his family being very humble and limited economic resources so chose shipped from Spain to the company announcing the Pizarros . Although his family did not have good references of them are illiterate, uneducated, lazy and quarrelsome, drunken customary.

Augustinian priests arrived to keep at bay the successive uprisings were doing Orejones against invasion, but they were protected in Cajamarca communities, its allies, which stopped the stalking to living in these regions. Rampi cussi lived in Samana, daughter of Amaru Yupanqui, Tupac Yupanqui's brother and uncle and Atawalpa Wascar, who by resentment of the two factions were fighting over the hem of Tawantisuyu. It was the most beautiful flower, many Sinchis the intended, but she has none left to hope for his claims. She and her family always had to have fringe list when he passed the brother who was in charge of government Tawantisuyu also tocapus embroidery on all matters on its way through those lands which were dominated by the fierce culli or chukus.

The small Makyac Cuchac, was born with best wishes from the stars, that he was surprised to Amauta of Catequil, believing that taking also into his blood of the white Wiracocha should be ominous, but what he saw led him she would hope to the world of the Andes. He had a mole under the nose, which was the main Panaka seal and said of his direct lineage Pachakuti. He continued to chew coca to keep watching what should be the way to the young daughter of a woman panaka of the Incas, and saw that she was the mother of the new child of the Condor, which was the basis for the birth of the Taki small Onkoy or Kuntur Puka. The rebirth of the new Andes, to the delight of all the runes of our world.
The small Makyac Cuchac was very beautiful, but for their grandparents, seeing her so beautiful, destined to lead herds of Alpacas and Llamas for Retambo herds, to avoid being seen by any rune and can fall in love. She jumped a foot when he was told to carry the animals to pasture. It was on Retambo beyond, to the Apu of Shulcahuanca, where he began to play with the rainbow, who adorned his head with the most beautiful colors, and small cars honked their waters to make the music more beautiful and see the little dance Makyac Cuchac. All alpacas looked overjoyed at the little girl, when he gave his tricks and scratching in unison on the floor, in supporting the lakes to integrate more sounds which make the small continue dancing, they softened their small hands, her plump legs All the color of our earth, but its the most beautiful face, that when they returned to the fold, all very quickly followed her on her journey. Many rhythmic their steps along the road. You could hear the pace settled their hooves along the: Ton, ton, ton, the measured pace and his lips emitted the crack of happiness. They wanted their little star of the day, as he embraced with great tenderness and I wondered what happened to them, them with their big eyes looking at him with great tenderness and winked one by one, for the happiness of the little girl who always sang her sweet voice. When she sang, they would like to fly over the hills and see how the river flows its waters, as fish are fluttering in the sea on their way to find more food. View as big mountains are born in the most beautiful flowers and smell them in the fields of smell and are transported to the Tata beyond Wilka.

Túpac Isaac II
Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos

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