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martes, 6 de abril de 2010


Small Mollepata walkers.
He had lost sight of the smile of children when they come of their herds to school. Smile that expresses the joy of going to school, with the hope of perhaps want to be like the teacher. His hands hardened by the cold and the water they have to wash to go to school early. Many of these children walk long distances, only to walk, stop to get to their schools. The higher the lead to minors, despite the time difference in accessing their respective levels. Since going to higher secondary level and children are usually found at the primary level. School buildings constructed of adobe or in some cases with stone and mud, thatched or tiled.

Here in Mollepata at least had passed this stage and has a good infrastructure for the issuance of classes.

I got up early on my first day of school. I had stayed at the house of the director, who received me with great enthusiasm since my arrival on the bus that brought me to this indigenous community which is the capital of a district. As is the custom Cushalito had prepared me a lot of potato soup with mint and melted quesito, which is accompanied by his court - roasted corn callana. We ate and headed for school premises, for it bears my small backpack with the most essential thing that you must have a teacher. We arrived at the main office where you submit the document with which could support the award of the plaza as a teacher in the area of civic citizenship education, history, geography and economics. As the minutes passed also made their appearance the other teachers, with whom the director was presenting to me and making the usual greeting. At the same time the students arrived. We left the yard all, to witness the ceremony earlier in the week of Studies, and thank the apus protectors of the community for the new week and thank the Tata wilka by the light that illuminates all the days of the Indians. At the end of which addressing them with loud, I did know they had this year a new teacher to which they should be estimated to have had the courtesy to come to this humble community of Runes Uchus apus living near the Tablachaca Amaru that winds from Conchucos apus, and other Tzuultaq'as Pelagatos like Consus where Mistis Jakis and belonging to the Spanish family of Malaga. Many years ago this family had been murdered for refusing to pierce Runes hill to take tungsten, vanadium and other minerals, for he had great respect to the hill and who considered their protector. Thus is the curse of the family apu Málaga most of its members dies with his tongue hanging out, unable to shake her body in Parkinson's.

The students greeted me with a handshake, then go to the classroom, with his backpack containing his notebook and stiff with which eat at noon. At that point he had already received my class schedule, so after receiving the greeting I went to the third year, the extent to which class would that morning. By entering all stood up and saluted with Apu Hello Sapa Inka, to which I replied with thanks Tata Wilka and advise them on that occasion and I only recognize the following as a professor. So what would the next days, but retained a respect, very different from young people in the larger towns, where Western culture had stalled. Copy all of its vices and no virtue, because I believe that come to light the virtues of Western culture. That day we had the theme of the history of the French Revolution and its main ideologues such as Voltaire and Rousseau.

Tupac Isaac II
Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos

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