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viernes, 2 de abril de 2010

Chucorampi. The kingdom of piglets

The kingdom of piglets
Once upon a people very different from the others, at first glance might not have noticed all the details that a watchful eye if he had noticed. They would have noticed streets all well put the carved stone. Their houses all inhabited. They were developing all Chucorampi runes they had a nickname very particular and very long. The bar door guard donkeys Chiclayo and steals on the roof. The paradox described the naivete of his character and his parsimony to do things. They liked to entertain the chickens running entering their yards, but not to kill, but to frighten them away. But an event occurred that put hands and feet all having received the curse of Catequil, for having an affront to the Sapa Inca who was born in its territory, preferring to one they called deer, having much luck in that his wife go to another and brought him, begging him to return home. Therefore Catequil reason and knowledge given to all animals of the region, displacing the runes in the government of Chucorampi.
All animals living in Chucorampi once took reason and knowledge, the government decided to take his small town, so much so that the sheep named as members of the board to chair the elections. Some suggested that they called rune deer also be named as a member but opposed unison, for they saw that it was very goofy and weeping. But all the kids called for it, they said that its board had appreciated the runes of deer to make the offense Apu Grand Sapa Inka and thus all animals now had the power to have the people's government. For there came a pig Huayatan also came out in his defense, but in his mind he had the intentions of handling it, because his ambition was to have filled an entire chanchitas swineherd, only for him. He was the most luxurious, but also the most skilled. He even had a joke to fool the fox who lived by the Cahuide. As had the consent of the sheep, at last election committee appointed in the deer.
Arrival elections, the candidates offered the Moor gold, some grass offered throughout the year, that they would reach her home, to not have to walk to the fields to pick or eat, as they avoided wear down their feet and hooves. Offered to another candidate under Chucorampi the biggest cave in when it rains everyone guarezcan and are also not freezing cold in the cold. The candidate who was posing as the friend of all proclaimed that if given the government of the people would give them hot water every day so you do not catch cold in the icy winters. And so on, all candidates seeking to improve their presentation, whether to the fox, which is the animal most cunning thief, who had been launched of the people by being a thief along with his brothers, had returned to town very smug and intended to govern the community. But the pig did not, as had been anticipated and had as its spokesman and campaign manager by the way the deer had been favored by foxes in many robberies, but now betrayed them more money for giving his new protector. Another candidate was spreading throughout the region and salt grass, and giving more fodder to the animals most tender, with the promise that the major parties would consider them to give them many gifts and presents.
Well the end came the awaited day, and all candidates posted at the polling station looked at each of the voters, until the fox approached the polling station, with the belief that animals will always vote for the star of foxes like animals and were always ready to make a star and why he thought he could win, because if you put a cow as a candidate under the banner of the star of foxes, she would win. So when they had won the election, without knowing how to read or write, but very good at stealing. She felt very wicked fox winner.
Nightfall, the term universal suffrage Chucorampi animals and began to count the votes. At first, almost none of the candidates got enough votes to be the winner. That's what he reported to his friends Piglet inside the voting room, but also the fox had his cronies as the rune deer had been purchased as a mason in a community that grew cob leaves of a plant that just fucking eat it animals were dying, why the gentiles living area only smelly and violent, almost primitive, so they were not regarded runes, if not the opposite of Runes. Some were related to animals, were abominable beings. The same deer is related to a pig, as their huarmi every time he left her alone is paired with a rune or with an animal that was passing. Finally finished the count and left members of the table. At the head was the deer and the sheep at his side as members of the polling, with the paper they had counted the votes for each candidate. On the table was named the deer rune as president, for several reasons, it was very good at deceiving the powerful. Then went ahead with the paper to read the election results. With a powerful voice began to give results that they agreed with the sheep, for while Fox won its star, the Pig offered more money and declared as the winner Huayatan Pig. This in turn excited his two feet as a ballet dancer very plump, he called his little pig who was so skinny, but so thin you could see the bones in your tummy, but do not think that was the only pigs that had our friend Cerdin, he had more, but thought the stallion and bristle pig that he saw made him the eye and she had piglets.
Then came the imposition of the municipal band to Piggy, who to date had completed all the barley to appear more fat porker. All for the admiration of gilts. It was appropriate preparations so that the party is not tarnished by the Municipal Cebon. So the party a great event in the whole region and even the Mayor Fox who is the chief of all thieves known as Gabriel was in fun, mostly to see if she could take some of that community for their personal bag.

After the party, remained problems, as the garbage that had made all the guests. She thought, but he also had the problem that needed food for their gilts and piglets that were born recently. So I thought!, I'll fix this issue once, commissioned to make some oxidation ponds foxes to process all the garbage there. Then came the ducks. Geese, because they needed a place to take off their long journeys. That if I was a little difficult to solve, but think of the solution ...

Tupac Isaac II
Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos.

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