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sábado, 17 de abril de 2010


My enemies have killed you

As a tiny ball of flesh, so I had you in his arms, with your eyes bulging and your Hociquito cool looking with joy that in those days I so desperately needed. Duchess I to remind the faithful companion of my Usha, daughter of Nero myself or the eternal love that was found on the trip. As always barking in your childhood cradle you with such emotion, for always being faithful companion. It is still fresh your trips to your old home near the tomb of Pope, to look at that mound of earth where I rested my thoughts always wanted to be there, perhaps I do not forget the legacy he left me, he looked at the height of my forehead, all those poor men that populate the high Trujillo, their miseries and their needs.
Mobius short tail, when we walked the sand. With my hear the claims of all those swarthy faces in the sand of the big city wandering. As if also understand it. Tenderly as my eyes looked to those families who lost children in hunger in my hands sought relief from the evil of the world. And the same thing you cast to see the misery in the world to subdue the world. We returned home with the burden of all the brothers, to rack our brains to be able to help. With the same enthusiasm every day you returned Sunday to their meetings to present needs and their strategies to fight, but especially in looking at your older brother, speak to them of the need to unite to face the ignominy of the world to which the world itself had come down.
Now that my enemies, not if you have taken their lives, or taken away from me. I will listen to the barking that put us all to wake up in the morning of my arrival? I no longer listen to you, being far away your presence. As rightly could never refute my arguments, what remains is all I can, is to put the weapons, when they have no arguments to deal with my ideas.
With her as my constant companion on my daily walks and visits to communities, where it always was ahead to spot if someone was expecting me to give me a helmet. Always pay and ready, as my faithful guardian at each step. Perhaps my enemies think that with that I have checked out, so that I can be removed without risk of life, without any witness who might betray them. As are their crimes, whether they are called APRA or Fujimori, whether they are using their command Canela predecessor Rodrigo Franco Command, to which union leaders murdered or protest leaders. All his crimes do so crudely as that in which they wanted to appoint their brethren in the posts of teachers to pack all teachers instance, for the sole purpose of giving final blow to the union that was driven by careerism dunghill of Patria Roja , his faithful partner and Fujimorismo Aprismo.

Yes, I'll never be faithful companion, your frolic in my skirts, for cruel enemies can not hurt me, by their cowardice, have been merciless with you vilely. Not hear your barking for joy every time he came to my humble abode, nor see your baby so much joy to my stay. That eagerness to bite my shoes on to test its hardness or perhaps annoying smile of his smell. Now to me you are my hero of the battles always happy in my way as I have always done in my life and where the power system and tried to get me away for not suit their interests. Goodbye friend, sincere and faithful companion of my destiny in the life of my people and my struggle for justice is always elusive to have face west and face the enemy of truth.

Kapak Ñam, Tambo de Tablachaca; 15 de abril de 2010

Túpac Isaac II
Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos

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