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miércoles, 7 de abril de 2010


Being a teacher in Peru is the most dangerous and thankless profession in Peru. He faces a series of events that arrive at slaughter. It is always white by all successive governments of the greatest indignities and humiliations that might exist, but also teachers who are complicit in the conviction of selfish individualism of the personal perks are leveled against the tyrants to denigrate the teaching profession. Thus the true masters live harassed, humiliated and vilified by everyone passing through the palace of Francisco Pizarro. None to rescue the noble mission that has touched, as is to form the new citizens of these territories beyond us play live.

Therefore, in Holy Week is known as the sacrifice of Jesus of Nazareth, we must also recognize the sacrifice and the light of two revolutionaries of Santiago de Chuco, who at this time born in the village originally from the great nation culli. Born to two different locations and two different geographical locations. For while Vallejo, the Vallejo cholo was a product of the children left behind by Spanish priests in indigenous sisters, which speaks of the greatness of our nation to this poet who remembers our territory. The other, born in a cradle of gold, but that the needs of nature made him reflect on bare table after offering to give his people where he was born and wanted as brothers. As for the likeness of Francis of Assisi, gave all that he inherited from Spanish art as property, but actually belonged to the villages where the farm was his Father.

No more than these two great masters of which we drank from their quarries youth from our childhood, not just in school and university classrooms, but also within the home. So it hurts in the soul's betrayal, the ignominy of being brothers in the same pen or whatever you want to define side, sold for a bit of money that will last them until they left and later as a dog who bit the hand of his master to return to the community for support. All the damage they have done they will be forgiven, but it shall remain in the heart of all these brothers spine for a base metal had the conscience to sell his own mother and let her in cold blood of the enemies of our people. So now we live an ordeal in our communities with the government and white jaquis are in the capital that they call their homeland, while selling what it cost us to always keep all generations of the world as nature's legacy for that man still exists in it.

We also teachers we are food for the shame and humiliation, we cut salaries, even more recruits have been merciless, yet we do our duty, because the main thing is to banish the blinders of our students has sunk in that the consumer society and the wonders of individualism that becomes depersonalized and people opposed to the historical development of their communities. Therefore it is in our hands again to reconstruct our society based on the principles that our ancestors left us and had the aim of having a society free from poverty, ignorance and neglect. A caring society for all and to all who follow the path to infinity of humanity, that is the society that we build and is left as homework.

Túpac Isaac II
Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos

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