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jueves, 18 de marzo de 2010

The PUMA's hill

The PUMA's hill

Puerto chuchuhuasi, which means man's house was an old town of the fierce Bracamoros. Those brave warriors who resisted being conquered by the apricots from the south of the rune world. They lived there with all their families in a single house unlike their enemies who took office Jibaro across from the river bank they called Cocha Puma, or also named as Puma car, but the other guys knew pe as chin chin. Adults always stopped the buses resondrando (children) to not diverge more than they should, and that the custom of the other bank was cutting off the heads and reduce them to put them as necklaces around their necks. They were peaceful, but also great warriors and great merchants who carried many products of their land to the north. Sometimes allied with tallanes tumbis to go beyond trade in their raids. Instead the Jivaro were very different to them, they built houses and lived in trees, not cooked their food and caught the trees and hunted for food only raw meat, including that of the runes, that to them disgusted. So I had much fear. They also very far away in years to that point, they told their ancestors who had the same lifestyle, but who came runes sages said they came across the sea and taught them to live as rune and not as Jibaro. So they learned to make pots of land that was always wet and became sticky

but that when they bake the fire became heavy and they could cook things that deeply touched her lips with which he had been taught the foreigners came from the great big river that was visible from the great apu Porculla. They lived in the great forest, but occasionally peeked at the heights of great apu to spot the Indians who lived in small houses with dirt roofs. There were many houses and they frightened her, so do not let themselves see and when they saw one of these runes was approaching, they immediately hid deeper into the forest.
In those years did not care, rather than fix their big house and fishing in the great puma inlet. Children played on the banks of the hunt and were thrilled when a small fish which immediately took most of the mothers who was in charge of cooking for the family. They wanted to cooperate and the other major runes. The adults laughed whenever they saw the eagerness of the urchins buses (small children). Among them was Quincho, with its snub nose, almost deformed, with well pronounced belly, her bowed legs, but who dreamed one day be the ruler of his nation and to travel through the territories where many animals live in the ruling apu puma. Being tried in the logs that brought the cougar cocha, dreaming that he would travel by car you ever had great purpose and that only he could cross Puquina apu, bringing a new wife for his family, that's what had the greatest . When I was in the water, straining all his strength to grow in strength and courage, preparing for the feats he was devising in his little mind and in his early age. This was in past its region, where the forest used to be, who knows he was lucky and could see the apu puma running or jumping in the streams. Every day, after collecting firewood for the house and bring the bananas for food was running as far as possible from other children in the district, so you will not steal their dreams that he was planning to do when and starter at parties as you deem fit to throw their responsibility, wanted to be the best of all, so that their achievement is conveyed in all languages and in all counties. In many times rebuked him, and once told her parents that the filth, to go where they are the apus, if it does once again, will give an example, it is not desirable to disturb the forest apus only be those who are older and trained to survive in the midst of it, many dangers lurk for those who put them to the Indians who enter his domain. But no attention. He followed the path traced and entered his heart more to the rock from which the APU goes into the territory of the Jivaro. He saw it as very beautiful place, there were many fruits and delicious taste that began with great zeal and interest, so they were tasty.

What I found odd is that the sun never set, this was always in the middle of the sky, was scared and started running, but did not know in which direction. He kept running around everywhere, to the despair of not finding the way, his heart quickened, he seemed to be out of his chest by the huge roar that did. She started screaming with all his might, in that he froze in his presence was a spectacled bear with claws gripped and likely to destroy it, in this surprise appearance and the Apu mountain lion lunged at the bear, locked in a struggle which won the bear.

Then he looked straight into his eyes and froze up staying in the same place forever. In his community all went looking for the neighborhood, and went on for several days, one night only hear their cries, but not from where they were, but what frightened them, is that later turned into the cry of the great Apu Puma, and that gave them much more afraid, so I became accustomed to hearing the cry of barbecue and then search the cry of the apu.

Tupac Isaac II
Juan Esteban Villalobos Yupanqui

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