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sábado, 6 de marzo de 2010


They were changed only the territories and the protagonists Creoles, but nothing changed their methods ... Slaughter at Sand Creek in 1864! Latin America today!

The Sand Creek Massacre

Mr. Smith seems to have learned after the lesson of Bagua in the traitor and dealer Yehude Simons Munaro cover her shoulders achievement for the crime of genocide committed by the brothers and Wampis Awajun. Yes, she has learned but for the benefit of multinationals and their own by the big commissions he receives for the gift you are doing and intends to do with impunity laws and their friends in Congress are hasty. So you have to put warning to all communities to undertake one of the biggest struggles is against the same revisionism that is your ally, making corruption more evidence in the Fujimori-Montesinos with parties whose visible face the daughter of genocidal Fujimori, Keiko Fujimori's will. For all have the ability to disappear from the map to all the indigenous and peasant communities, to give to big transnational corporations to loot all the resources that are good for their interests.
To the rulers of the D.L. 20,653 in 1974 known as the Law of Native Communities and Agrarian Promotion de la Selva is a dead letter, but rather are dedicated to making life miserable for all communities in a spirit more than all that is part of ethnocide, for which this legal protection has been systematically maimed for the purpose is of permissibility, which had its most adverse effects with Baguaso, which certainly has drawn a cloak of impunity defending the then Minister to donate Mercedes Cabanillas Bustamante, the deserter Yehude Munaro Simons and others like the current minister of economy Doña Mercedes Araoz. Is that everyone wants to commodify land, as expressed in the Neoliberal extremist Hernando de Soto. What is this watching my brothers Mapuche who were tricked into their territories and which went extinct in the Chilean cities, from this experience is taking Alan García. With this new Bill that it has launched the executive is to legalize the expropriation of ancestral lands to give to the multinational companies, it had been allied with some mestizo pressed to land for cultivation have invaded the ancestral properties indigenous communities, which they have been checked by annulling the applicability of these.
To all this must be added the propaganda videos are doing Hernando de Soto, comparing the Eskimo Indian millionaire with Awajun Poor. With which it wants to fund the plunder of the territories of indigenous communities to be left to large corporations. So are expanding oil contracts, logging. In this last example we have as to what happened in the San Martin, where oil palm has been implemented, the sole administrator are being processed and the Romero family, which incidentally is very marked its alliance with the ruling party, although they are allied with anyone holding political power, or who are eligible for funding, that is the reality, there is nothing hidden.
But the main thing that says Hernando de Soto, who is the merchant's siren song of neoliberalism is that it seeks to show that communal land titles of our nations, are invalid, here are two things that we must also give know that these communal land titles do not capture the worldview of what comes to be the territory for indigenous communities, not from the viewpoint of the indigenous world view that has created this law, but somehow protects lands, but is against law is what he wants to go Hernando de Soto in the second place, but what is the purpose, anyway with this protection that was given to the law of communal lands, is protecting a portion of the territory of predation to that used capitalism, with its neoliberal conception, so it is giving this project of internal displacement. Such is the case with the great example set to displace hydro Inambari about thirty eight thousand villages of three regions such as Puno, Cuzco and Madre de Dios covering forty-one thousand hectares of forest reserve of the Bahuaja Sonene. Just as the native community of San Lorenzo, who are custodians of this area.

International law also supports the use and ownership of the territories of indigenous communities, so we discussed this law would infringe the rights of communities recognized in international treaties and conventions. To which all Amazonian and Andean indigenous protest the lifting of the intentions that have been evolving.

Tupac Isaac II
Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos

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