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martes, 16 de marzo de 2010


Slender, with very small size, which had been about to tie his waist to the point that almost could not breathe because he was dedicated to the new Sapa Inca. The oracles spoke that she was the wife of a warrior who cries blood. The mamaconas took pains to make it the most beautiful. As early girl character was terrible however, ran like a little doe around the farms in the counties near the acllahuasi.

Morenita but with fine features, his eyes were lively and jumping, moving with a speed in all directions, thinking all those around him that I was staring directly Chami Awqasisa beautiful. His mother was as beautiful as the stars of the evening, the Aymara Wara, as a secondary wife who had been educated as a warrior and was in every battle that led the Sapa Inca Apu, his stole to defend against any aggression from their enemies. From her womb came the petite Chami. Never want to lose their freedom and left the house of those chosen to go through the fields and play with the little runes of the ayllu. I had no brothers but his mother and brothers of Father always bored him. Seemed very distant to his Father, just once I caress your hair and take it to sit on his lap, fell asleep, then did not see it despite the oracle of catechin him poised to become the future main Sapa Inca Coya to be chosen among the fittest of the children of all panakas Incas.
Since starting as a teenager, I notice changes in your body, as had all of the ayllu warmis and who were in the acllahuasi. There the mamaconas taught him that this had to happen and had to prepare to take as wives and main inka raptin warmi future that had just been born. He had named the baby as the new son of the Condor, and tata wilk. She wondered, as might be the wife who was still very young, if you have recently been born. I could not understand the decisions of the elders and chiefs amautas and the Apus of all nations. He followed his own instincts before any decision could take their caretakers and trainers. But he had several times to be punished for their profligacy in their actions, that they did know, but she continued her free spirit. What I did not understand why your body changes, she said it was time that Tata would have to devote to Wilkes to bless you and may be accepted into the Inka apu panaka again. But then he realized it was not the only one who would be in the battle. Many warmis were also the candidates and that they had many oracles predicted the same fate as hers. All very beautiful and with the same hope that she was not interested. All wanted to be the brides of young born Raptin Apu Inka Sapa.

There was the pretty Away Culli learned of the nation, the nation Sampayo Ranwan Tallan, and other beautiful girls with beautiful figure that had been brought from their countries by the oracles who relapsed in their persons, all were daughters of chiefs and nobles of their nations. She felt a little jealous, because she should marry who was really his brother Father. I did not understand, because he was not allowed to see him, but that if the rest of warmis aclla, who were treating him. They said it was very beautiful, like the light of tata Wilka, emanating from her sweet face. She does not grudge even though the boy's mother, the beautiful Mama HUCH'UYKOYA was his mother's rival for the love of his Sapa Inka. So I look with disdain for being outside the Panakas, all women of Panakas women were to be assigned the Sapa Inka main or secondary. High schools were the most warlike and brave, and who accompanied his master in all the wars they had with other nations. She did not want to be principal, it would have to stay in the holy city to meet the needs of panakas and lose wars, part I could not be next to his master.
So he grew up and got the date on which the sapa Inca should choose who would be the coya of its new panaka, with which to found a new for himself. She was a woman and throws very hard and right in your hands. He had known all the skills of handling weapons in the attack and defense. The ceremony in preparation for the maidens panakas summarized in the beginning with a three-day fast in which only chewing the sacred corn harvested in Vilcabamba in the land of the sun. He did and once on the day of presentation, dressed in the finest clothes Vicuna wool tender to have the same level as the Apu Inka Sapa Raptin, that in terms of clothes that were designed to panakas in the area of the Andes. Then came the day but was not sure she wanted to be the Coya. Once taken to Coricancha look Inka sitting raptin your future mate sitting Apu Great Sapa Inca Yupanqui, ruler with your voice harsh and powerful that he was afraid of it. So he decided to not be the main and ran from the great hall.

To which I pronounce humu Willak was ominous, both for the people to the rulers and foreboding that was the end of the great nation, then realized that would come to teach some bad wiracocha evil and murder and destroy the entire nation. It is therefore banned all runes to assist Awqasisa Chami. Then she rolled across the nation, becoming a shy person until it turned into a large hill in the nation of the Culli, assure that these lands would be born the son of the new condor affront to forgive the son of the sun. Nobody knows what is that mountain, they say that there is a great treasure that only the true son of the condor will find, to restore the world's nations rune.

Tupac Isaac II
Juan Esteban Villalobos Yupanqui

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