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viernes, 5 de marzo de 2010


And feathers had swelled, the overhead cristina had thickened, with its curved beak was taking more consistency. His jet-black feathers were thicker and the color flashed in the distance. Since the mother had stopped feeding and began to lose weight were the most feared moments. The starting his first flight across the mountain range as crumpled as he showed his dominions to which he would have to fly over. I could see only from his great summit clouds moved intermittently each day, and when these had much sun melted and was approaching the end of the gorge to watch the beautiful landscapes and animal crops.

His mother scolded him whenever he approached closer to the precipice where his home was at the top, near the top of the Yerupaja. The Apu of Huaylas. Often, some runes had come to his home, but watching him respectfully and withdrew after leaving meals, which nearly did not like, it was seed, which was not used. The same thing over dark water that smelled very strong. It had been six months since his birth and soft plumage had already changed more than once. The mother told her it was time to learn to fly as the Apu of all the majestic Kuntur Yerupaja where to fly out all the Andes, from Tierra del Fuego to the northern massifs where the whole ground was white and lived water color bears.
Came the first day and I was nervous, his mother had packed with rich food they brought in their beaks, to have more strength and can fly with her. He got on the end of the gorge while her mother gave her directions to fly. Her father watched from afar as her offspring begin the road, that had also undertaken when his mother and father did make its first flight. Passing on wings like to be promoted to the draft he would achieve great heights and achieve huge distances. His father was flying from the southern land of fire to the region of the Caribs, whose sea was very wild and nesting in people who ate him alive to the Indians who dared to enter their seas and waters.

The mother left the gorge and was launched into the void, making all stretch their wings. The young scion ran after her and achievement also stretch their wings and feel the wind pushing your body towards the top of the firmament, was seen in its greatest splendor tata Wilke, they tried to scream but they had not taken his voice Tata offend or breast Willka Keel, as were those who woke up the largest apus so they are in the life of the Indians. Immediately to the indications, lowered their wings stronger and straightened his neck, in order to achieve greater height. He did it twice more vigorously with all his might and could be above its great apu Yerupaja, where his home in the most inaccessible cliffs, there beside the water that had turned to stone. He was accompanied by tata willka keel and breast, was beautiful to see them on both sides and feel that the manager would then notify the runes and the coming of one another, as did his grandfather and then his tata tata daddy. But this was a long time, if that happened his father would be launched from the apu, would bring together its wings with its beak in his chest and throw down the cliff to be reborn the new Tata kuntur Willka keel and breast, was the eternal revival race sacred protectors of the great Apu Sapa Inca, the energy of your flight so the runes do not forget their people and have respect for their nations.
All looked at him runes when it flew by their heads and lifted his hand in token of respect. Miro also a great car and dozed dwelt within which all sorts of creatures who liked to draw runes their guts, especially those living in its vicinity.
Continued to fly around for the summit of the entire sky where the great apu wiracocha the creator of everything that is kuntur and runes as well. It felt much excitement at seeing far not ended, and it seemed that his eyes could not determine the order that could see nor reach to reach that end of the heavens, that he had told his father that kunturs be required to reach many, that nobody had done to annoy the great Tata Willka. He felt it was tiring, seeing that not come to that first flight, so he gave signs to his mother would return home. Her mother said she would continue with their flight, along with his father and go home and bringing food. So he did and come home happy and proud to have made its first flight.

Tupac Isaac II
Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos

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