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domingo, 2 de enero de 2011

The neoliberal bourgeois state is not Democracy. New Year - New Chance!

The neoliberal bourgeois state is not Democracy.
A criminal and a writer

There in my retina a very recent memory, an award-winning writer of purely native origin is hoarse with laughter in receiving their prize. He spoke of the benefits to which wrongly termed as a democracy. But also the daughter of a criminal and genocidal comes under the same to make the people believe he has championed the rights of voters in any circumstances in which it was subjected in the stage play will govern the offender who is her father. They all hide behind the word democracy to justify their crimes and make them less visible, according to them, but all they do is hide for now temporarily. What's worse is the cynicism that has the daughter of the offender, saying that his Father, it is not. So we ask: Who were the perpetrators of thousands of deaths of young women, as those young students of the University that were thrown by soldiers from the helicopters that all the payment of our taxes we pay, the criminals used to enforce the order of their masters, like Alberto Fujimori and Vladimiro Montesinos.

The classical Greeks tell us that democracy is majority rule in public affairs, for which you need precisely in the cities of a space that is empty for the discussion of public affairs, but that means it is empty? The vacuum means or military threat, or religious or economic power. If so. How can we explain the series of legislative decrees that protect the use of military force when a people rose to claim their right to not be contaminated territories. Why are serving unjust sentences, not one but several thousand indigenous community leaders and our country. If we impose our point of view, protected by an army that does not obey the people holding it, if not their masters who are now, then they are not obeying the constitutional mandate to obey the people, if not the occasional tyrant with deceptions of power to usufruct appropriated according to the interests of economic power.

Socrates and saw this horrible distortion of democracy, is what makes Pericles in the government of the city of Athens, although many take it as the role model of how it should be a democracy. But precisely this democracy of Pericles, was the one that condemned Socrates to take the hemlock, for trying to corrupt the youth. But that Socrates was corrupting the youth, either as the Cucufate or Moralists like Cipriani or Cure Trujillo, they may think it as that master of conciabulos Political and collusion, it would as similarities. But I would say that is wrong from beginning to end, because what to the Great Philosopher, was just asking, I was a shoe.

It was a question of apparent ease, but it was not, as this means a lot, for example, when applied to now, it would be. We should ask Mr. Chang Escobedo, as it did to remove the property from a university that represents an investment of millions of money to equip and give prestige to that appropriates without even a penny in his pocket and now enjoying of revenues very pleasantly.

Another question Mr. Del Castillo, who has long sought to buy a television signal, with the value of several hundred million dollars, if the only thing he has had is only the congressional work, and has always lived of that item, at least since I have knowledge. Besides his beloved wife without exerting any profitable activity has many properties. Where does your income? If one is committed to being only housewives.

As also that of our current president, with properties in France, Switzerland and Colombia, which may exceed many times their earnings of the two governments together. And just to have had a one-time advocacy and circumstances to support a high-flying drug dealer. And finally, as some mayors who came from other countries like Bolivia could be with one hand behind and one below, now bearing numerous properties in the cities spring, where previously only a fifth were living in a neighborhood of the city.
That we live in is not a democracy, that would say the great philosopher and insurance if he lived again, in this government would reform the constitution to condemn the death penalty for attempting to corrupt the youth and the award-winning writer would surely was again must die, it was a dirty man who was against democracy, though imperfect, but is the only one that allows freedom, that our great philosopher with the irony that characterize what I would say: If freedom, but not grown with reason, if not one that is grown with political power and money of the rich against the poor.

And is that the Neo liberal, as such, they feel, are not for equal conditions for the development of humanity, if not by the law of the jungle, but not natural and right, if not those predators that come with the advantage of having a bra for your order, as is the state that protects and helps them with his army that the poor pay and many integrate. It's a hoax, they want us to believe that this is democracy and not more than pure dictatorship of big capital and now has his defender a winner writer, who does not defend democratic values, if not the values of his class in power.

Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos.
Túpac Isaac II.

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