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martes, 4 de enero de 2011

"CAN BE one Economic Assassin a PRESIDENT OF the COUNTRY? PPK and the Big Change.

"CAN BE one Economic Sicario a PRESIDENT OF the COUNTRY? PPK and the Big Change.

The word assassin comes from the Latin Sicarium, meaning who is using the dagger, a hired murderer, it began to be used as a term similar to the Roman invasion of Judea.

Today is a murderer who kills for order, planning for it the scene of the murder in order to take another look at the task.

But there is a Sicario not defined in the dictionary of Roman law, and the encyclopedia Wikipedia. How does these murderers, as regards the economic field?. Many of them have high positions in multinational corporations, and its modus operandi or operating environment as the first to recognize a country with vast natural resources such as oil or gold. Having identified the victim country, they have the support of major financial institutions like the World Bank or IMF or the Paris Club etc. and realize a huge loan to that country. But this big loan does not actually arrive in the country to rebuild its productive infrastructure.

Such is the recent case of Haiti, which was arranged a large loan, but only to pay back debt and a loan was more, to pay future interest on that loan was paid recently. Is again a third loan that goes to the poor but a minority, which generally are there to govern the country. Those who should be added to the help of this loan is supplied to large corporations. One example is the bankruptcy of many banks and financial organizations in Peru that had originated in the U.S. financial system and English.

Or is that loans to international financial bodies to cover their mistakes and losses through their misguided financial policies. As debt is supported by the tax system and its contributors, who are the poorest who pay their taxes in everything we consume, especially tax Leos are taxed fuels for reference only, the price gas ball is 15 pounds, paid in the sister republic of Bolivia the amount of 10 Bolivians who come to be almost five soles in Peru paid forty new soles, the difference is the payment must to the user as an indirect tax, that is what is said and of course, but that is a harsh reality for the entire population of our country. But all this has a plan, and like every plan has a purpose. And the goal we have with this plan, the country is the victim is unable to pay its foreign debt, nor may pay the domestic debt, which will be postponed indefinitely just to absorb the debt.

Unable to repay debt on time the country was forced to close their natural riches rock-bottom prices, as is the case that we are giving away our gold at the price of a dozen years ago, before a hundred dollars an ounce and now same price despite this increased to 0:15 times the price of old. What goes along with the installation of military bases as a way to provide its guarantees for the victim to recant his intentions and want their independence. This also is necessary that they start a smear campaign to domestic companies, in order to privatize them and take them into their hands to continue to gouge victim countries. But there is, as demanded by economic hitmen victim countries a euphemism called "QUID PRO QUO" or good government for the interests of large corporations and multinationals, which means this?. Here we might call legal stability element of which is worth to continue keeping your goodies and privileges at the expense of development of the victim. But this does not stop there, with the demonization also that public services should be privatized, for which experience has served as what happened in Chile, Argentina and other countries that have done all this. So its much touted efficiency and meritocracy is the trash, because everything is targeted to be privatized essential services to be used as sources of financing for large capital through corporations and multinationals.
The clearest example we have in Ecuador and Peru, where a series of military coups, put dictators in power that were in favor of the United States.

What happened in Ecuador is a window, much remains to be investigated here, apparently it is much history and a truth, but what happened in Ecuador after many brutal dictatorships, it was decided to promote supposedly democratic elections. They presented Jaime Roldos (1981) who promised that the resources of the Ecuadorian nation would be for all Ecuadorians earning him to win by an overwhelming majority never before seen in South Africa. By assuming the power began to implement relevant policies that would serve all resources would serve to really help Ecuadorians out of poverty, which obviously did not like the world's policeman, America, and is immediately sent John Perkins at that time was serving as an officer of American big business to convince or corrupt, as they often happen and phrases that depict this situation gives better Perkins in his book, "Well, you can become rich, if you and your family play our game, "But if you try to continue with these policies you've promised, will have to leave."

As he persisted in implementing what was promised, was assassinated by the CIA (Central Intelligence). Some say it was an accident. But that's not true, because it set the stage for his death, and that the alleged plane crash that led Ecuadorian President Jaime Roldos, the only ones involved and cordoned off the disaster area were the members of the U.S. base in Manta Ecuador. Some witnesses who contradicted the official version, were mysteriously killed in separate car accidents. So that the rule book for further enslaving nations.

In Peru the same function Kuscinsky PPK and Pedro Pablo, who has the same path as the previous lines described above:

1 .- The son of a Jewish immigrant, a doctor and socialist ideas. Our generous country received him without conditions of any kind. He became a teacher in San Marcos.

2 .- PPK, appears in the political life in the period of President Juan Velasco Alvarado, who took his Peruvian nationality. This had to escape from Tacna, in circumstances similar to Jorge Suchutz.

3 .- It appears as Minister of Energy and Mines during the second government of Belaunde. External debt left by the government and armed forces in two phases amounted to U.S. $ 780 million. When completed Belaunde had grown to over U.S. $ 7.500 million. The manager of this debt was PPK. Once claiming that he had contracted for the construction of hydroelectric plants. What ...?

4 .- After indebtedness, arguing that PPK retired back to his country to "oxygenate of economic resources, because his salary as minister was very little ...." The media reported that he had returned to his position as Director of Wells Fargo Bank.

5.-Toledo brought him to amend the terms of issue of the Camisea gas, which it did. Since then it has been in our country to oversee the operation of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, both scheme and the current Toledo.

6 .- unrestricted opening of the Chilean capital investment, in exchange for being considered a junior partner. Chilean investments totaling over U.S. $ 6.500 million.

We judge warned and strong for our position.

Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos
Túpac Isaac II

1.John Perkins. Confessions of an Economic Hitman. Former Chief Economist, Ford Chas. Main T Inc.

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