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domingo, 23 de enero de 2011

The black MARKET of Cachina AND the MARKET of THE POLICY

The black MARKET of Cachina AND the MARKET of THE POLICY.
In many cities of the country has played in a fast a flea market, selling the recycling, and even won what was done in the traditional way. But the peculiarity of this market is that transactions are illegal, first by what is bought can not ever confirm their origin. Here in this illegal activity, the main feature of this market is entering two particular types of activity behaviors.

On the one hand, the buyer will try to avoid by all means not to be cheated and try to take advantage of the seller to enter into discussions so unrealistic, and secondly the seller who tried to cheat his prospective client with a paraphrase which look peculiar his future victim sinks into his trap.

This kind of market is better known as black market, and is known worldwide, is a market where survival of the players is not guaranteed by any authority and which corresponds to each of the actors. Here they fail all the rules of Adam Smith's free market as supply and demand can not be determined by the needs and production, but rather by the need undercover actors.

Thus we come to the national policy, which has reached the borders of a black market. Many will move the personal interest, the other commercial. With examples we plot many of these cases.

If we meet a distraught lawyer, recently graduated from the National University of Trujillo, born in a high Andean mining town, living in a small shack in the most impoverished sector of Rio Seco in the district of Porvenir. Wandering in each study was attorney for use in some cases and win something you can afford to fill the pot of food.

But he had an ace up his sleeve, was a member of a criminal organization, the darkest that may exist in the country. Call it yet because it has been defunct this horde of criminals who calls himself or whether they APRA, whose founder, was a very repressed homosexual who did not want to make visible their sexual preference in spite of being very evident.

Anyway this young lawyer played was offered by the largest drug trafficking organizations, especially one that was promoted by the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency). In this we mean a family which is carried on their backs the financing of all campaigns of all parties.

And do not say no, since we as an example to the young lawyer who was promoted by the family to come to parliament and there fiercely defended the interests of the drug, but not just anybody, if large, not small, the coca growers or small amounts transporters known as backpackers, if not those who in their big banks are those who wash dirty money.

That is a part, but there are other products available in the Electoral Cachina, as the family of a certain owner of Universities, that the poor always wrong in their electoral alliances. Although others say the enthusiasm with which it participates and requires the participation of all its officers and employees of their universities is the most laughable and anecdotal, as all do for the favor of having a job to take something home. And indeed founded as a party of folk and mental alienated can call known as the Alliance for Progress, before the seventies was a program implemented by the United States to bring an alleged humanitarian aid to developing countries development, which was nothing more than a form of population control infiltration.

But this assumption within the prevailing party is the family, is a dictatorship of one family and a man, there is the slightest hint of democracy. The only interest is power and economically, this can be seen by the problem of misogyny that have the founder of the university consortium and how far he can go with that obtain power.

With his wife, which were separated by disagreements of power struggle in the university consortium, she chose to obtain their share of power through the electoral organization Lossio Castañeda, National Solidarity, that scandal was learned that Mrs. had contributed more than half a million suns in order to able to count on presidential plate. She has no political background or trade union, as did her husband, nor her children and brothers, yet at the expense of a good political marketing in-law was able to obtain the regional president of Lambayeque, as well as his brother got Freedom the mayor a second time, with the risk of losing it because of the tight margin that have achieved this victory.

How does your organization is not political but rather a commercial organization as well as most political organizations that call themselves and are in the electoral contest that is why I smiled when his son of the Lady of the man of the Alliance for Progress mentioned that he had ideological differences with his mother, gave me a good laugh and I wondered: What is the paradigm of the ideology behind the PPP and what is the national solidarity. The only thing that will sustain are the arguments presented by neoliberalism as a way of seeking social progress.

As seen in Peruvian politics resembles Avenue Cachina Argentina and Trujillo is equal to the passage Albarracin, seeking forgiveness of those who work there and offend them with those who call themselves politicians.

Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos
Túpac Isaac II

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