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miércoles, 12 de enero de 2011

The youth suicide or the youth unscrupulous and unethical

The youth suicide or the youth unscrupulous and unethical

The word ethics comes from the Greek ethic that has the meaning of "character", which is what should be focused on the moral conduct of individuals.

Many wonder why our society has taken the path that we now see, which is the collective suicide, everything is prey and sacadera eyes, as they say are too many grandmothers when incisors to protect individual interests rather than the collective. We wonder why we have become economic predators that we are interested in the possession of the paper it is printed in England or that metal fraction that our famous mint the coin.

We have forgotten the fundamentals on which mankind had to do to preserve the human race. We are more interested in economic animal, no matter if that line hit the other.

Those who are hit with a string of justifications, ranging from rave to no reason, could serve as an example in mining, in which a multinational company, which only said that name is your address somewhere in the north, but yet the owners and holders have no fixed address, or the utilities, the usufruct little people in this country, nor in the wealth they extract.

But they justify that bring a lot of work, a lot of wealth and development to the towns where looting his basement, this will provide many governors and even old leaders that are purchased by this bunch of individuals with the desire to carry out their robbery. Everyone knows that this is a blatant theft, in full view of everyone, but none of our leaders rebelled at such an affront to the very dignity of life and community.

But what do they do? They adjectives, so to justify his position on ethics and truth of things. But right there are developing other attitudes that originated in those great wrongs, as could the small scams do, knowing that they may be prosecuted for their crimes, as he thinks, are minor, the harder it will invest in a process judiciary, which by the way in our country delay postponed indefinitely, that the Greeks apologizing for perhaps insulting.

Suicide is not only killing themselves, it is also when we forget our own principles of care for what is not ours, to maintain honesty in what is said, but there is some part of the youth, who has assumed position of our key leaders to become millionaires without regard to others, because they do not even have honors.

Thus there have to Agustín Mantilla. Who believe that loyalty is to conceal the crimes of the friend, but he also says: "I am your sacrifice but under me money" and so the circle continues to grow more to become a monster of incalculable dimensions.

The problem means that these moral suicide take the example of our authorities, that their attitudes amoral assume that everything is more convenient to make them new men.

This would put the example of an important official of the education sector that addresses a major educational institution, which however is a common drunkard, a part of their teachers are sexually harassed female students and students elsewhere are merchants of all goody, even examinations and tests or examinations that apply, only a minority observes conduct in accordance with rules of morality, which is why students spend a good part about most of his nights to sip alcohol and drugs of various kinds, not just social, but also the derivatives of cocaine and marijuana.

Then we would ask that this director descent if he is the first to be an amoral by pretending to direct a school to be a common strength. The problem is that he does not recognize it and if one tells you names and threatening to strike. Then it is impossible to want to form a moral conscience in young people if their trainers are the opposite.

I therefore striking that many young people engage in fraud, which undermines the spirit and I was furious, is that it is intended to be used to commit such large literature misdeeds.

Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos.
Túpac Isaac II.

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